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     Dmitry Shakin, Music Director, Radio Vladivostok writes, "Harp of the Healing Light became very popular among my listeners. I receive only positive feedback when I'm airing Erik's music. Let me quote a fragment of the letter of a 17-year-old girl after she listened to my program about Erik Berglund: 'One evening I heard something that amazed me and won my heart. It was Erik Berglund's music. The music that I've never heard before and I didn't even suspect of its existence ... Immediately the music filled up my essence. All my problems became irrelevant. Only the music and me existed. I can't remember when else did I experience such feeling of harmony. Erik's music heals all the spiritual wounds filling me with tenderness and love. I simply can't express my feelings with words, but when I listen to Erik's harp, I cry. His music pours inside me like irresistible streams of emotion and feeling. It helps me understand beauty.'" 
~ Natasha Yakovleva, Vladivostok

     "Through such popular perennials as Angel Beauty and Angelic Harp Music, Erik Berglund has proven himself the King of New Age Harp Music. No one can touch him when it comes to playing heavens renowned instrument."
~ P.J. Birosk, New Age Retailer

     "Erik Berglund's music is a grateful gift for the soul. His voice bears Angelic Presence and his tones wash over me with a spectrum of healing color. His concerts and recordings are a blessing."
~Alan Cohen, Author of "The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore."

     "Erik Berglund's music is a mainstay of my musical medicine chest. When working with individuals who face physical death, his beautiful harp music provides a sonic bridge to allow then to pass over in peace."
~ Joyce C. Parmentier, RMT - BC/MA, Therapeutic Sound Facilitator

     "Erik Berglund's music blends the physical with the non-physical through the medium of the heart. His is remarkable music."
~ Gary Zukav, Author of "Dancing With Wu Li Masters" & "Seat Of The Soul"

     "Erik Berglund's music is the most beautiful music I have ever heard!"
~ Jill Turner, Reiki Master

     "We humans can see beauty in almost everything, but it's hard to find a more soothing, flowing musical example of the concept."
~ Esther Park, Heartsong Review.

     "Listening to Erik's music is like bathing in healing energy."
~ Ann Velery, Spiritual Teacher, Author of "Awakening"

     "Thank you, oh thank you for being able to express the angelic realms through your music. Words cannot begin to describe what ecstasy your music gives me."
~ Elizabeth Shuey, Spiritual Teacher

     "I've never heard more beautiful music anywhere. I feel I am with God and the Angels. When I hear Erik's music, I feel my atomic structure change, all the atoms realigning all over my body!"
~ Karen Blanc, Author of "Dear Hilda and Adventure With a Holy Man

     "Erik Berglund's music opens interdimensional doorways to the angelic realms and one's own soul. Truly world class - a potent healing and balancing force much needed at this time."
~ Diana Gazes, Media Personality and Seminar Leader

     "Erik's sensitivity and his unique creative compositions bring a new dimension into the world of harp music. His works are harmonious, uplifting and healing. A very fine artist."
~ Aeoliah, Visionary Artist and New Age Musician

     "I experienced - I view - Erik's harp playing as a vehicle for prayer, enhanced creativity, and communion with spirit!"
~ Peggy 'Alena Marie' Farver, Expressive Art Therapist Instructor - Consultant

     "'Herald of the New Dawn' is the most beautiful song I've ever heard!"
~ Cheryl Yambrach Rose, Visionary Artist

     "Erik Berglund's music continues to bridge heaven and earth. His music is a beautiful vision in sound!"
~ Ixthara, Visionary Artist

     "Wherever in the world I present classes and healing visualizations, Erik Berglund's evocative tapes provide a heart resonance which transcends language and custom. The poignant dramas of Erik's own evolving spirit give a power and depth to his music which raises and inspires all listeners."
~Mary Engel, Teacher and Counselor

     "Erik's exquisite healing gifts powerfully resonate through his music - creating a unique experience of celestial energy."
~ Barbara Cander, Wellness Counselor

     "Erik's tapes enhance and magnify the healing energy as I work, open hearts, soothe and rebalance energies during treatments and for years have been the background music for healing initiations."
~ Karen Mellon, Reiki Master

     "I am always thrilled to see Erik come to town. With his last visit, I finally got my largest thrill ... my most complete works of Erik Berglund yet! With a six CD changer, I loaded all the discs and was totally transported away the whole day. If I had business to conduct, the low-key background music nearly became subliminal and enhanced the mundane dealings of the day by being touched by Erik and the angels."
~Bekki Shanklin-Spicer, Publisher, The Conscious Voice magazine, Fort Myers, Florida.

     "This summer I was ultimately blessed to hear you perform at the Centre of Love and Light. I was so moved by your music I bought the CD entitled Harp of the Healing Light. The following day I played the CD when my baby (who had just turned one year old and not quite walking) heard the music he moved himself across the furniture to the speaker. He stood there for quite a while running his fingers down the speaker as if playing a harp. It was amazing! I believe your harp touched his soul and he remembered hearing this type of music when he was with the Creator just over one year ago. Thank you for the beautiful work of art."
~Christine Perrault 

"I have always thoroughly disliked the harp but as you played your first note every cell in my body filled with joy and said I like this!" 
~Gillean B. Yattes

“Wow! I was stopped in my tracks when Soundscapes played your music, Angel Healing. That music permeated my entire being and began to heal me, while I cried for the entire hour I listened to it. I immediately searched for your web site and listened to more of your music. That same evening on, I ordered and downloaded Angel Healing and Creating Abundance. The following day, I ordered and downloaded The Seven Sacred Flame Meditations.

At first, I listened to Angel Healing often and then whenever I need to. You saved my life because each time I listen to Angel Healing, I can feel myself healing. I also listen to Creating Abundance and The Seven Sacred Flame Meditations when I feel the need to. Recently I downloaded and listened to the mp3 files of your radio talks, which have inspired me even more. I often thank the Universe for you! I wish you continued blessings!”
~Joan Garcia

“Whenever I am in a bad mood I put on one of Erik’s CD’s and in a short time I feel wonderful! His music is so healing!” 
~Pat Finn, Mt. Shasta, CA

“I play your CD almost every day, especially the first 2 parts. It brings me easily into my heart, into bliss. I have coming out of a very deep process of 6 weeks, 1 week ago, and those days I played it often on very low level of loudness, just for the blessing energy in my room. When I wrote Debby, I had not read that she asked for sharing, so that you also could read it. So this letter to her is/was pure from out my heart. I had bought your CD from Elly in Holland. With Pentecost this year. A friend who know her very well, took me there. I heard your music (also very softly on the background), felt the energy and bought it. Bye, bye Erik - God bless you and your work and music too. Lots of love,”
Thea Atsma, The Netherlands

“Early last month, I decided to experience more of your music, which goes right to the soul! So, I purchased and immediately downloaded 3 more of your albums: "Creating Healing", "Harp of the Healing Waters" and "Healing Harp of Heaven". They are just exquisite and bring heaven to earth!” 
Joan Garcia

"Quote on the podcast by Debby on Creating Paradise with visuals: 
I have to write you. What a MASTERPIECE you have made of this music. It is absolutely breathtaking. Uplifting, - the pictures are fitting totally with the sounds and voice. Amazing how you did this. 

I will sent it to others with so much joy and so much bliss in my heart. You've done such a great job - now this is going unto the earth on other levels - and many more people can breath it in and feel the energy of it. Doors fly open!!!"
Thea Atsma, The Netherlands

“On January 7, 2011, I traveled by bus from New York to Norfolk, VA to see my 92 year old mother, who was hospitalized. As you could imagine, I was stressed, on edge and the entire 6 hour trip was not fast enough.

About an hour into the trip I listened to your Angel Healing on my PDA with my headphones. That really helped! Then I listened to your Creating Healing. I felt wonderful! My stress disappeared and I felt the love all around me.

This energy must have touched a young man I had never seen before, who was sitting directly in front of the empty seat next to me. He got out of his seat, stepped over the lady traveling with him and came over to me. He asked if I had luggage on the seat next to me, because he wanted to sit next to me! 

Incredible! I said yes, showed him my bag on the seat and he returned to his seat! It’s amazing because this guy was at least 1/3 my age! I was stunned! Then I continued listening to more of your music. All I can say is that you create some really powerful music. Thanks again. "
Joan Patterson Garcia, New York