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     "Angel Flight" is one of the most enlightened recordings I have had the pleasure to review for quite some time. It is an album of transformation. The listener is taken on a magical journey across time and space. We are given tours of inner and outer dimensions difficult for some to reach even with years of dedicated experience in meditation and imagery. This inspired album instantly gained a respectful following in our office for its balancing and energizing qualities. There is a waiting list just to use our review copy for meditation. After the first listen, I immediately added it to my personal collection for use in inner and outer transformational healing work. "Angel Flight" gives to all exactly what they need, be it meditative retreat, an infusion of light, or simply a renewed space of intense beauty to surround themselves with. My praise for this album goes beyond words. It is a must have for those interested in the healing, meditative, or journeying arts. "Angel Flight" was conceived during a meeting at the Great Pyramid in Gizeh, Egypt where Erik Berglund was invited by Christoph Hausman to make a recording in Germany. During a performance tour through Germany and Switzerland, Erik and Christoph joined forces at Brachelshof Studio to compose and record this inspired album. At one time, the buildings housing Brachelshof Studio were Nazi headquarters in Oberembt. They have quite literally been transformed from their past role - now, these buildings house a Recording Studio and Light Center.
~Sage Rishi, Awareness Journal

     This reviewer is a great fan of Erik Berglund having reviewed many of his glorious compositions. However, in "Angel Flight", Mr. Berglund has reached a new pinnacle. Written in collaboration with Christoph Hausmann (one of Europe's most talented contemporary composers), "Angel Flight" is pure love and delight. If joy had a sound, it would be "Angel Flight". Erik and Christoph have combined their many talents to produce six original compositions played by Erik on his heavenly Douglas Irish Harp and Christoph on keyboard synthesizer. The result is a musical, lyrical treat, a sound sensation that inspires, calms, excites and heals. For over forty-two minutes this reviewer sat almost spellbound taken by the masterful combination of wonderfully creative music played by two superb artists. Further, Mr. Hausmann's engineering and mixing gave the album an ever-so smooth finish, a layering that is heard only in the finest recordings. "Angel Flight" is the musical mood of Spring . . . the time of rebirth and regeneration. "Angel Flight" is the sound of the transformation to light and peace. . . it is the soothing, caring and purity of the music of the angels. The musical marriage of Erik and Christoph is a marriage made in heaven. In this reviewers opinion, "Angel Flight" is music for the soul. It is perfect music to share with your loved one. "Angel Flight" is a tribute to humankind's ability to interact . . . and achieve!
~Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews

     Harpist and healer Erik Berglund began modestly with a call to peace. Now after concerts throughout North America, South America and Europe, this sensitive approach to the harp is enjoyed world-wide. This album shows why. Berglund joined keyboard artist Hausmann in a former Nazi headquarters in Oberembt, Germany to record this collection of eight original, almost timeless, odes to peace and harmony. In Realignment, the longest and most representative of this albums focus, a sustained chorus of synthesizer rises like the dawn while Berglund's harp gradually, peacefully tip-toes onto the plateau of harmony. Angels appear to him and chant behind a tapestry of melodies. Hausmann deftly manipulates the synthesizer to achieve environmental sounds, those of the flute, entire string sections, other nuances that capture the angelic presence of their compositions. Berglund's Douglas Irish harp soothingly displays his multidisciplinary musical career. So many of earth's residents this year put to rest the anguish suffered in a war ended 50 years ago. It seems appropriate that this bi-cultural album unites American and German in a musical plea for peace and light. This album heals the soul, and speaks to musical ears that cherish our planet.
~Rich Babl, The Book Reader

     Angel Flight: One of the richest sounding of harpist Berglund's many musical highways to heaven. A collaboration with Christoph Hausemann, a German recording artist that Berglund met overseas. The two improvise six songs, and find a unity that adds breadth to this harmonic pastel. In "Way Home," synthesizer voices of light and peace flow beneath the harp, both unattached to Earthly time and space. This "home" seems to evoke that first glow of god's light on a summer morning. A "Lament" is done with a touch of kindness, a cool towel on a hot day. In one of the most limitless, gentle songs of the six, "Realignment" shows off Hausemann's control of sounds available on today's instruments. Is the inspiration from his eponymous first name? A composite sound of vibrato-less flute, English horn and viola in "Sound Waves" leads a melody line before a chorus of angels join the harp. And Berglund closes with "Caravan," using more percussive effects with sounds of Celeste and horn to build to a satisfying conclusion. This latest from Berglund is appropriate to the rising spirit among many mortals, and their reaffirmations of angels. In today's tempered and hostile world, Berglund's taut strings can loose the grip of everyday, and open doors to peace and beauty. A transcendent bilateral musical experience.
~ Rich Babl, The Book Reader

     Angel Flight: Conceived at the Great Pyramid in Gizeh when the duo initially met, this album, which is full of pretty harp-synthesizer instrumentals, takes the listener through the current realignment of the Earth and softly celebrates the return of the vibrations of peace and light to our world. Perhaps more than any other instrument, the harp creates a deeply serene, tranquil atmosphere. Berglund's deft and sensitive artistry is well matched by Hausmann's own dreamlike textures of strings, chimes, and swirling waves. Together, the duo's music effortlessly awakens the listener's inner senses to the glorious changes of the millennium. Note: The healing aspects of Berglund's harp music are well known throughout the New Age community. Hausmann is the founder of CMS Music in Oberembt, Germany, and a leading European lightworker and recording artist. If customers enjoyed "Angel Beauty," they will love this new title.
~ P.J. Birosik, New Age Retailer

     Angel Flight: Each of harpist Erik Berglund's previous releases has developed further into the realms of devotional, transformational music. His new release reaches even higher, in full collaboration with Christoph Hausmann, from the duo known as Project Erde. The results are a premier space music offering with the gentle sounds of Erik's Irish harp in tandem with the ethereal sounds of Hausmann's synthesizer orchestration. For massage or meditation, "Angel Flight" is just about perfect.
~ Lloyd Barde, Music Design

     Angel Flight: As many of you know, Erik plays heavenly, angelic harp, with several wonderful albums (including "Elysium Abode of the Angels" and "Harp of the Healing Waters") to his credit. Now, with Christoph Hausmann of Germany, who plays angelic chorus synthesizers, he has co-created an achingly beautiful series of musical healings. Erik and Christoph met at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and decided on the spot to collaborate. "Angel Flight" is their gift to our home planet, recorded in Oberembt, Germany, in what was once a Nazi headquarters. Christoph and Susanne Bruehl transformed it into a Light Center with the use of various healing techniques, and last year, for the first time in memory, the birds came back to the grounds. The transcendent beauty of this CD, including "Way Home," "Lightshower," "Lament," "Realignment," "Soundwaves," and "Caravan," makes the story of their creation that much more miraculous. It is really true that, with enough love, anything can be healed. Highly recommended.
~ Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer

     Conceived at the Great Pyramid in Giza, where Christoph and Erik met, this collaboration carries the listener musically through the current realigning of the Earth via the healing angelic harp of Erik Berglund and strongly supportive keyboard synthesizer effects of Christoph Hausmann. Signaling the return of light and peace to the planet, this is definitely one of Erik's most moving and clear angelic musical channelings, with Christoph's presence invaluable for providing clarity and enhanced reception of the divine energies that are at work within and without this masterpiece. Strongly recommended to all.
~ Omega Directory, Phoenix Arizona

     The idea for this album was conceived at the Great Pyramid of Gizeh where Christoph Hausmann and Erik Berglund met. Erik has played his healing harp music throughout the world in concerts and workshops in great cities and sacred sites of the planet. This album is his fifth release. The sounds of the harp and synthesizer together on Angel Flight produce an extraordinary and transcendental feel: it spirits the listener to the heart of our planet and opens the healing power residing in each person to connect with the healing of Mother Earth. Exquisitely profound music. A must-hear album.
~ Nexus

     Angel Flight is a collection of harp pieces by healing-music harpist Erik Berglund and renowned keyboardist and arranger Christoph Hausmann. Angel Flight is simple and joyful. The pieces are nicely divided between spirited, energetic songs and reflective, meditative ones. Hausmann provides soothing background harmonies and occasional solos on synthesizer. Berglund plays the lead on most songs with a graceful and tender performance. The sound of the synthesizer complements the acoustic sound of the harp, creating harmonic balance. The songs that seem to reach the deepest into the psyche to soothe and console are "Sound waves" and "Caravan."
~ Music Design

     Despite the earthy title, angels seem to light the way on this spirit-filled album, which was recorded in a former Nazi headquarters building. Christoph Hausmann creates a backdrop of musical shimmers, glows, and illumination that radiate vibrations of hope. Like sunlight piercing the clouds, Berglund's harp offers secure grasps of love. On "Realignment," the harp plucks like fingers enticing you to go deeper and deeper into the heart. The album ends with "Caravan," which throbs with the sacred, robust, and tenuous pulsations of new life. If you cherish redemption in rebirth, this is your ticket. A powerful spiritual experience.
~ Carol Wright, Napra Trade Journal

     Each of harpist Erik Berglund's previous releases has developed further into the realms of devotional, transformational music. His new release reaches even higher, in full collaboration with Christoph Hausmann, from the duo known as Angel Flight. The results are a premier space music offering with the gentle sounds of Erik's Irish harp in tandem with the ethereal sounds of Hausmann's synthesizer orchestration. For massage or meditation, "Angel Flight" is just about perfect.
~ Common Ground