Keys of Romance

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Music Reviews

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     'Keys Of Romance' is the very first album composed and performed by Scott Rhodes, and as such, is a milestone work sure to become (in the future) a collectors item. Scott is an extremely gifted pianist and composer whose work on this album shows far more experience and maturity than one expects from a first effort. Indeed, his composing talent must be inborn ... it is so delightful and natural. 'Keys Of Romance' contains no fewer than nine original compositions performed by Scott on the Yamaha grand piano ... all of them filled with love and romance. It is the perfect music for making love... or merely sharing a candle-lit dinner with your loved one. Scott's music has a depth about it that most composers try for but seldom achieve. These gracious selections are enhanced by superb orchestrations and perfect engineering allowing a delicate finish... a music luster. Scott is a prodigy of Erik Berglund (the producer of this album) and has traveled and performed internationally, with him. A budding composer could not ask for a better mentor than Erik, whose talents, I'm sure, have had a truly positive effect on Mr. Rhodes. 'Keys Of Romance' is a delight, pure and simple. The original music has a charm and sincerity all it's own... and Mr. Rhodes' performance is flawless. This reviewer heartily recommends 'Keys Of Romance' to anyone who has romance in their soul... or wants it. 'Keys Of Romance' is perfect!
~ Richard Fuller, Senior Editor Metaphysical Reviews

     Spellbinding piano melodies just right for a quiet summer night. For turning off the world and sharing piece with a loved one. Rhodes has performed with harpist/singer Erik Berglund around the world, and now has composed his own album of songs. He opens with a simple melody which gradually explores the sonorous Yamaha grand piano. It's the first indication, by the way, of this well engineered recording of an instrument difficult to mike. A synthesizer gradually joins him, adding color and harmony. Sometimes bell-like chimes, or the energy of pizzicato strings. Other times horns for elegance, as on Across Time, or the cathedral-rich sounds of an organ, as on By Your Side. Scott often takes an unstructured approach to melody, a freedom on which he can build toward closure. Sometimes, as in Echo Of Dawn, he ushers in dissonance for interest, capturing the musical equivalent of sunrise-inspired disharmony of nature as light shifts, clouds transform. The finale is an extended tone poem that explores a melodic mélange of piano and synthesizer. Gentle, soothing sweeps of notes calm and nurture.
~ Rich Babl, The Book Reader

     Scott, who has been playing piano and keyboards around the world with renowned harpist Erik Berglund, has gifted us with the release of his first solo album, 'Keys Of Romance.' Filled with heart opening piano augmented with gorgeous synthesizer orchestration, this is music for the romantic in all of us, for those special occasions when only the most beautiful music available will do. Lush, lyrical, by turns playful and deeply passionate, 'Keys Of Romance' explores the realms of the heart with joy and sweet delight. While the entire album is excellent, some of the tracks that stood out for me include Longing, with solo piano eventually joined by soul-filled strings; The Beloved, poignant solo piano with a hint of strings; Taking Flight, soaring piano across the landscape of romantic dreams; and Into Light, a sweet, loving call to the best in each of us. Perfect for candlelight dinners or a glass of wine by the fire, 'Keys Of Romance' will awaken (or reawaken) the romantic (at least it did for me...). In addition the cover is one of the most stunning pieces of visionary art I've seen in a long time. Not to be missed.
~ Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer