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Erik Berglund Interview
with Richard Shulman, June 22, 2010.

 RS I’m aware of you as a harpist, a composer of meditative music, a vocalist, a recording artist, a healer, and workshop facilitator.  What is the common thread in all of this?

EB  The common thread in all of this is Spirit;  Bringing the spiritual and the world of the angels through all these forms  to assist us in moving to where we are all going, which is back to God.  Connecting to the Oneness.  I feel we are in a tremendous time of change on the Earth right now, and we can use all the tools that we can to assist us.

By my sharing, whatever you give you receive, so it’s for me as well as for everyone else.  And when we come together whether it’s for a concert, a workshop or a private session, by having the intention, then we all grow.  I feel the main thing is that we connect with who we really are, that we try to remember that we’re not just this limited personality, that we’re connected to something much much bigger. So one of the songs I love to sing now is “You Raise Me Up.” It’s so wonderful that we’re all raised up to be bigger than who we are.  And the first thing is to remember that; like we’re connected to the stars, inside of us, and beyond, and then to go into the heart. And once we’re inside, connected from the heart, then we’re open to what Spirit can come through, wherever we’re going to go from that space.

RS That’s beautiful.

EB  I live in Mt. Shasta, which is a wonderful spiritual center on the planet. We have so many beings come through here, and recently Max the Crystal Skull was here and said that Mt. Shasta was going to be one of the first cities of light.  There are a lot of energies here in Mt. Shasta right now.

We just had a program called “The Best of Mt. Shasta” and I got to give a beautiful concert with people from all over attending.  Together we called all the portals open to bring in Love to come through to help heal the Gulf, to help heal the animals, to help heal everything on the planet, to lift ourselves.  It was really really beautiful.  

RS So JoAnne gave that message?

EB Both JoAnne and Lee Hanks were here and Lee was the one who spoke it.  I don’t know who Max said it through, originally.

RS When I met you we were both studying with [spiritual teacher] Hilda Charlton.  Is there anything you’d like to say from that period of time?

EB It was such a wonderful period of time.  Hilda was a great master and she had so much energy that came through her, lifting the planet, lifting all of us that were there.  It was such a gift for me to be part of that. And I can remember singing on the stage for 500 to 1000 people, and I’d hear her as I was singing “Kids BELIEVE, BELIEVE!!!”  and that would spur me on to feel every word that I was singing.  And even today, over twenty years later when I’m on the stage, I can still hear her words, and then whatever words I’m singing go out with that much more power.  And what a gift that is!

Last year or the year before I went back to New York and they had a Hilda meeting and I got to speak at it and sing and it was so wonderful. As I was reviewing my notes – I took many many notes when I was at Hilda’s - I had several notebooks - I’d go to a meeting and when I’d go home I would write down what was the most important thing for me from the meeting.  And as I was looking over these notes, I was amazed because many of the things I knew, came from Hilda, and I acknowledge Hilda at every workshop I give, and have her picture and so on....

And I was amazed that many of the things I was doing and sharing the night before were from Hilda as well.  I had forgotten they were from Hilda. She used to say that these were our tools to work with and we should make them our own.  She would be glad!  I made them so my own that I forgot they were from her, they were so ingrained in me!

I was with her for 17 years and I heard many things over and over and was so in the vibration.  And there were times when it was three nights a week. so there was quite a bit of time spent with Hilda.  She’s indelibly impressed with both of us and her energy certainly comes through us to bless people.

In fact here’s a story in relation to that:  I got an email just out of the blue from someone;  They were from England and had come to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine [a church in NYC where Hilda had her meetings]. They had a marvelous time and when they came home, their whole life changed.  And they went to a psychic, and the psychic said that the reason they were changed was because of Hilda Charlton.  And she asked who’s Hilda, and the psychic didn’t know either but said your life has changed because of Hilda and the cathedral.

So she went to the internet and Googled Hilda Charlton and found my site because I have a page to Hilda and what she’s meant to me.  So she called me and asked who was Hilda and what had happened to her.  Isn’t that amazing?

We’re part of that legacy.  

RS So have there been other key moments or influences in your life towards your spiritual expression?

EB I guess I’ve always been connected with spirit and it’s been from past lives coming into this life....  before Hilda, studying comparative religions in college and the main thing that opened me up was reading the words of Edgar Cayce.  I had a wonderful experience from reading the Cayce materials where I felt like I was touched by God. I turned to light and knew everything there was to know. I couldn’t stop smiling!

I heard that other people have had this experience too.  It was like catnip on the path. I knew that I was on the path and nothing could take me off it because of that experience.  So I was on the path before I met Hilda. But Hilda was a great part of my path.  And I’ve gotten to be with many masters since and had many wonderful peak experiences such as the 11:11 in Egypt.
I’ve been on power points all over the earth and have been with extraordinary masters, shamans, I’ve been in Siberia, Easter Island, you name it, I’ve probably been there, and met some of the most amazing people.

There’s a synergy where we give and receive and we share and we’re all enriched.  Even my harp has been shifted and changed by being with all these wonderful spiritual energies.

I’ve learned from the great and also from some of the things that aren’t so great.  In one month I was in Hiroshima and Dachau where all the patterns for the concentration camps were. I take my harp and sometimes I have people with me and we feel the energy shifting in time and going back and changing the past. So sometimes going into the greatest dark is as powerful as going into the light.

Once I gave a workshop outside of Brussels where the battle of Waterloo was and when I took my harp out the wind started to play my harp and I saw all these souls that were rising that were trapped from the battle.   And then we had our workshop and it was a huge healing for the battle of Waterloo.

In one place in Norway we did a beautiful healing for everyone there and one person was still crying.  I asked her gently “I feel you’re ok but I see tears falling down your cheeks. Why is that?” and she said “I could feel the tears of the people where I just was.”  

And we all looked and it was Valhalla, the energy of the ancient Vikings who loved to play war on the inner planes, but after thousands of years they were tired of it. But they were caught in this loop and couldn’t get out.

So with permission our group went in and moved it. And just on the physical plane it was so powerful that lightning was striking across the sky; we had the longest thunder we had ever heard and when we finished,  everything was light. And the next morning when we did our movement session all we could do was giggle and laugh because the energy had shifted and changed so much.

RS. So you are working with healing and music to change consciousness.

EB. Absolutely. So sometimes we do healings for the earth sometimes for people, and we combine it with music...  One time in Rumania, I was doing a series of healing music evenings and there was one lady who had cancer and they accidently left the chemotherapy on too long and they had to cut off her arm. She had so much radiation that she was in absolute pain, and the doctors just didn’t know what to do. My organizers paid for her to come to Bucharest and there were hundreds of people and she was way in the back. And in the music I really felt something was really happening that was even different than normal. I had goosebumps all over me.

The next day she was already scheduled to see the doctor.  When she went to the the doctor all the cancer was gone from her body.  So healing and music can move in all kinds of ways. In Rumania there are so many people that come and and there’s an energy and they believe so much that it helps miracles to happen.

So not only are people having miracles there but we bless their families and their families have miracles, that aren’t even present.
A lot of people needed financial assistance and  we moved energy for healing finances and people had many miracles receiving money.  One person’s cell phone rang and he received money right on the spot.  God can do anything.  God can do absolutely anything!

RS So you do believe in a miracle!

EB Absolutely, I believe in miracles and all the music is to create miracles to bring us to that space... music works on the emotions and the music takes us to that space where can allow the emotions to move with our intentions to a space where we can create the miracles for ourselves, for each other....

RS You came from a musical family, didn’t you?

EB  My father played flute under Leonard Bernstein and my mother sang in the Robert Shaw chorale and then they moved to a small town in Minnesota that was quite famous for it’s music, St. Olaf College.  We had many musicians come to the town and our house.  I grew up in all this music. I was very blessed.

RS Did your father conduct at St. Olaf?

EB He conducted the St. Olaf Orchestra and was head of the fine arts department.  I sang in the St. Olaf Choir and got to study with the music faculty before I went to college. I had music all the way through.

RS  What was your instrument?

EB Piano, violin and voice.  I didn’t get into the harp until my 30s.

RS How did that happen?

EB First I heard the music of Joel Andrews and was inspired by him. I had played some of his music. I was writing music at the time, and I had heard that if (this is wonderful for any of us) there’s something we desire we can make a picture of it and then we can write an affirmation under the picture.

I had read that the angels had beautiful melodies on the inner planes waiting to give to the people of earth, if people would just volunteer, and I thought  Wow that sounds wonderful, I’d like to do that.  So I made a beautiful picture of me singing at the piano and above me I drew all these angels with harps because that’s what angels do just as a metaphor.  I drew the energy of the angels coming through me to crowds of people and I had my affirmation. I looked at it and said my affirmation every day.

Then a friend of mine said she was going to a concert of Mildred Dilling and would I like to come along? I said sure....

Mildred Dilling was the first lady of the harp.  She played at the White House under four different presidents and she was the teacher of Harpo Marx among other things.

So I went to her concert and afterwards I went up to her and said “Gee I always wished I could play the harp” and she said “Why don’t you?”

So the next thing knew I was renting a harp from her and taking lessons. I feel she had been my teacher in several past lives. We had a wonderful connection.

I’d go there for a half hour lesson and I’d be there for hours.  She’d feed me, tell me stories, she was like a teacher in the old tradition that’s sort of lost  in the modern era. She would have these little recitals - I would play and my friends would tell me she’d be behind me just beaming.

It was her idea for me to sing with the harp and she had invented a harp with special levers.  After she met me she brought it out and a friend of mine was an instrument builder and the two of them combined to make what was called the Dilling harp. Now it’s called the Douglas Harp. And that is the harp I’ve been playing all these years. It’s very unique and it was designed by Mildred Dilling partially with the intent that it would be easy to sing with it.

RS How did you get started with healing work?

EB It was from the momentum of Hilda, but where it really got started was in South America in the Andes. I was playing at a conference there and they invited the presenters to this beautiful place like out of a picture postcard fantasy, with the Andes mountains behind us. We were outdoors;  they had a pyramid, and beautiful settings for masters like Archangel Michael.  At that time I was just doing music, I wasn’t presenting
as a healer or speaker, which I usually do now.

They were having a meeting and I was on my own.... And there was someone who was obviously in pain. I don’t know how I did it because I didn’t speak Spanish at the time. I actually have a CD in Spanish now...   Somehow through sign language we communicated and I had us do what we did at Hilda’s, that is we all point our hands at the person and we would OM.  So the person was healed and the next day I had a couple with a child come to me and ask for healing. And I said “you went to the wrong room, why did you come here?“ And they mentioned the healing from the night before and I said “That wasn’t me, that was the group energy with the OM. It had nothing to do with me.”

And they said, “can’t you do something?” and I said, I can’t do anything, but, God can do anything. Ok we’ll ask God.” So I just OM’d and called on God and pretty soon I had more people come to my room and then the people who had organized this conference invited me back to a special Archangel Michael feast day.

This was in Venezuala way out somewhere. It was quite an experience. We flew by helicopter to this tiny little place in the Andes, and we carried the statue of Archangel Michael all around the square, and when we came back the lady who had invited me collapsed. She passed out. And when she came to she said that the statue had come to life and she wanted to know why it came to life and what this was all about.

And I told her it was an initiation for her and for everyone who was there.  Well someone else asked me what her past life connection was to me and before I could censor the words I said that I had given her sight back to her back at the time of ancient Israel. I couldn’t believe I said that and on the way back - it indeed was an initiation for me as well - and I cried all the way back - I sat in the front of the bus tears just rolling down my cheeks.

The next day, I thought I was there for music, but I was there for healing and they had all these people come. They didn’t advertise but people came. And I would see one person after another.

And I didn’t really know what to do so I just did an excercize from Hilda, from her book on Hilarion, and this one little statement: “All worldly thoughts be gone I am completely surrendered to the healing power, and then I added of Jesus Christ. And as long as I said that then the energy would flow through me and people were healed.  If I stopped saying it and started to think nothing happened.

RS What a deep lesson!

EB And it was perfect because they spoke Spanish, they didn’t speak English.
So it was like I was taken out of my normal environment put into something completely different and they all believed that I could do everything and with all that belief, completely taken out of my environment and then my connecting to Source allowed a different part of who I am to come forth. We’re so much more than we are. I said that at the beginning “You Raise Me Up” .  We’re like a television set with many different channels. I’ve seen people under hypnosis go into a past life and under hypnosis they saw perfectly and then when they came back to their natural state they said “Where are my glasses.”  Wow!  Here’s the same person just by shifting a part of the brain they could see perfectly.

So here inside us are all our past lives, all these different aspects to us but we so often think we’re just this limited personality that we’re used to but that’s not who we are. We are, all of us, so much more.

So that’s how I got started with the healing. I got to access another part of me. And once it was accessed of course it couldn’t stop. And it’s only grown and I’ve learned many other modalities and I’ve gotten to be part of many miracles.

RS You’ve done many harp albums and then vocal albums. What’s new?

EB My latest things have been meditations, speaking with my music. I have one for healing, one for abundance and my latest is for creating paradise.

This one is so powerful because the earth is going through this tremendous change right now. This is the time of transformation. At the time we are speaking the Gulf is polluting with the oil spill, which the Hopis say is one of the signs of the end and it’s also considered in the book of revelations one of the signs when the waters are shifted like this.

In my  CD I have some of the words of Hilda on it and some other words that have come through, and it is so powerful that when chemtrails come over my house - there are many chemtrails particularly in spiritual places - Mt. Shasta has many chemtrails. As soon as one comes over the house I put on the CD and within five minutes you see the line before the house and it’s blank and you see it afterwards - it makes it disappear. And I told this to my friend and he says “I see it and I still don’t believe it.”

RS The album is called?

EB Creating Paradise.  What we’ve discovered is that you can listen to the words and you can also use it as a a healing device. You can put it on auto play and have it in some portion of your house and it will be healing the environment.  

And then I did it in Spanish and at that point I had even more frequencies come in to it that were even more powerful.  So we found that by glueing four of these CDs together it became a healing device.  This is only with the Spanish version because it is recorded with very special frequencies.

There was a doctor in India and she had a patient nothing was working for, and after the patient was holding this for twenty minutes, 80% of the condition was gone.  When I work with people I use six of these and put them all over the person, and I have other tools that I put on them and I use my music and everything and then we have all these miracles happen.

It’s just a wonderful tool.  You can wear it. I have people who have a lot of anxiety because of what’s happening on the earth, and they put the glued CDs on and then the anxiety goes.  Of course playing my music works too. I had a person come, I guess the concert was two days ago, and she was telling me that she gets depressed and as soon as she puts one of my CDs on, her world is all right, everything is working again.

So you can do it listening to music but this is really powerful in a form as a healing tool as well. You can wear it and I know some people who put it under their pillows at night and it makes them sleep better, but the main thing is if you have a pain, you can put it right where the pain is.

RS I remember years ago, that whatever works, you would use it.

EB If this world were a perfect world we wouldn’t need technology. But we live in an imperfect world where technology has been greatly misused. The same way it was part of the destruction of Atlantis and now technology is part of the destruction of the present. Electromagnetic radiation was part of its destruction and now here it is again.  So to counter the negative, I feel it is good to use good technology now.   My favorite is the quantum phase laser. And I combine it  with ultraviolet light and other tools and it creates wonderful miracles.  And I’m into the Omega wand... you name it I probably have it.

RS So it’s not just the pure Divine, but whatever divine ideas can help people, is where you place your enthusiasm.

EB Absolutely, absolutely everything. For example I work with organite.  They say what organite is to humans, what water is to dolphins.  It’s a combination of metals created with reson and intent.  So when I record, I’m recording through organite and holding my favorite tools.  When I do healing work I make these funny healing sounds.  So I placed all those healing sounds into the recording on top of the original recording.  And then I record again just projecting love into it. So we have layers and layers that are in the CD, particularly in these new CDs, and that’s why they are so powerful.

I’m always asking God for more;  to pull out every stop that we can have to make it more powerful, make it faster, make it more of an impact. I’m always asking for more.

RS Cause it’s all needed.

EB It’s so needed. Right now I’m sitting here with a map of the Gulf and I have many tools over it giving healing energy to it every day.

I do a lot of phone sessions.  Just before I spoke with you I was talking to India, just before that I was speaking to Japan. Next I’ll be speaking to Spain. When I’m home I’m connected with phone sessions all over the world.

RS Is there something you’re particularly excited about?

EB I’m still excited about  music.... I’m performing with my friend Scott Rhodes.  We’ve been refining music together so that what I share is more beautiful than  ever.  And so I’m excited and passionate about making new CDs with all our new developments.

I’ve been touring, mega mega touring, maybe 80% of the year all over the world, everywhere except Antarctica and the North Pole!  and now I feel that the earth changes are going to be coming in stronger so I’m going to be traveling less.

And I’m going to be spending more time here. So I’m exited about doing more recording and writing. So many people have asked me to have in writing what I’ve been sharing in workshops. So I’m looking forward to doing that. I’m looking forward to creating paradise where I live. I feel that in the days to come it’s going to be important to not live in the cities but to live on the land with groups of people  that we feel good about and one of the things I’ve just learned about that I’m real excited about is called a forest garden.

We’re so used to agriculture where we have to create gardens pick out the weeds and toil and and that was never the way it was intended.  In the ancient past everything was in harmony so when they would create a forest garden you would have something for the animals so you wouldn’t have to eat the same thing, so all you had to do was go out and pick what you wanted to eat.  You didn’t have to pick weeds or do anything. We’re so used to foods that have to look just right and have a long shelf life, so we’ve lost some of the foods that our ancestors ate that tasted delicious and have more nutrition.

They’ve discovered that the rain forest in Brazil, now that they’re demolishing it, they found signs underneath that it was all planted. It was all by design. So the whole rain forest in Brazil was a forest garden.

  Now we can all create our own forest gardens.  It takes three years to make one; you could even do it in the city on a roof.  After three years all you have to do is pick what you need.

RS I’ve just planted my first garden since I was a teenager.

EB How great!  I love reading about Anastasia.  One reason why I went to Russia.  Edgar Cayce said that the hope of mankind would come out of Russia. She comes from a long line of shamans and it’s essentially going back to the earth, creating your own gardens and being sustainable and so on.

We  hear so many horrible things in the news and it’s important to not  have our heads in the sand.  Then we know where to send healing energy.   At the same time there are  many wonderful new things that are opening up that are just beyond the beyond.
I have to qualify that  - because there isn’t anything new under the Sun.  We don’t learn anything new.  If we think we’re learning something new we’re only remembering it. We’ve already learned it and everything’s already been here before.  

One of the things I’ve been passionate about and sharing in the last few years has been releasing people from the matrix.  The way I’ve been doing it is there are 44 points on us where we’ve been connected in with the matrix and the way we would move it is by connecting with the energies from the stars in a powerful powerful manner.  And when I first learned the stars I thought wow this was such new cutting edge wonderful new material. And the more  I researched it I discovered it was the most ancient thing in the world. It’s all the ancients did! They just studied the stars and were connecting with star energy, and people in the middle ages were burned at the stake for rediscovering it.

I was giving private healing sessions in Paris and a young man in his twenties, who leads groups and has many followers came to me. Knowing he was so special I wondered why he chose to have a session.  So I asked him and he said he was married and his wife was pregnant and he was in communication with the being who was going to come through them.  She told him he was supposed to have a session with me - the man from the stars.  At that time I didn’t have any publicity that I was working with the stars, but that was exactly what I was doing and it was my passion.  Wow, here is a  being all the way from Cassiopea that knew I was working with the stars!  I was so impressed.  That means that whatever we do, each one of us, wherever we are, it’s not unnoticed.  There are beings that watch us and know what we’re doing and care about what we are doing. So whoever gets to read this interview,  know that what you do counts.

RS Your final word?

EB Of course the main thing is Love. To everyone I see I give you my love I give you my heart. I receive your love, I receive your heart.

Richard Shulman
RichHeart Music

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