Harp of the Healing Light

Harp of the Healing Light

     "This CD is a Divinely inspired masterpiece. Each note of every song on this CD is a thread of a beautiful tapestry of celestial sound. When you play Erik's music you immediately feel the vibration in the room shift and a presence of the Divine energy. The music provides a bridge to a tranquil and sacred space. It is almost impossible to choose which of his many CD's is my favorite, but this latest one is a masterpiece."
~A music fan from Florida 

     "Erik Berglund's newest album, Harp Of The Healing Light gives the listener a clear grasp of the tenuous link between music, man and all God's creation. Track #7, "Cathedral Glow" brings me a positive energy that's calmed my stress and allowed the healing energies Erik's recordings have generated since his very first disc and tape to assist in release of pain and anxiety. Track #5, "Reflection" carries me over memories that I can see with new eyes and reframe with the consciousness of Now. I highly recommend this recording to any person who loves the harp and especially to others walking along the path of upliftment towards ever more joy. All of the selections on the recording radiate light and promote vibrant health to all that have ears to hear. "
~Linda Rose, Daytona Beach

     "Erik Berlund's Irish harp is awe-inspiring, and his sweet light is a delight to all who meet him. He seems able to channel the music of the angels and has created some of the most beautiful and original sounds of our time. 'Harp of the Healing Light' is without question Berglund's best effort to date. He has achieved a new level of mastery. His compositions are filled with the joy of angels moving in and out of the heart's own life stream. Accompanying Berglund's harp music are John Mazzei's gorgeous synthesizer orchestrations. The combination creates an uplifting and deeply relaxing ambience."
-Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer

     "Erik Berglund's latest CD is a collection of his original music performed on Irish harp enhanced by the subtle use of synthesized orchestrations. Harp of the Healing Light is the most recent of a series of recordings designed for use in guided meditation, healing or spiritual environments. Each cut of the album draws the listener closer to a transcendental moment and wraps the listener in an envelope of sound that soothes and uplifts the soul, and is intended to invoke the presence of angels. The form and texture of these original compositions are all balanced and the entire CD is performed from the heart. Listening to his classic New Age recording is a great way to unwind and relax at the end of a long day."
~ Harp Almanac 2000

     "Today, as many thousands of years ago, the sounds of a harp serve for soothing and healing. Smoothly flowing melodies wash away the dust of daily routine from your soul as well as they take away all the sorrows and troubles. Melodies of a harp are very much like the wind ... nobody knows where they came from and where they are going to. It is a mystery.

     The sounds of Erik Berglund's magical harp bring the feeling of genuine joy into every composition of his new album released by Oreade Music. Delicate and shrouding melodies are drawing you to the world of love in which everything you can see is unusual and mysterious. The sounding, unique in its purity and transparency, makes this one hour album like an instant. Erik Berglund has undoubtedly put all his skill into this CD. He continues presenting the world with the unique sounding of his harp in combination with the magnificent performing technique and the original music. I sincerely believe that this CD will become a true discovery of 1999."
~Dimitry Shakin, Music Director of Radio Vladivostok.