HEALING HARP OF HEAVEN - Angelic Voices of Elysium

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HEALING HARP OF HEAVEN - Angelic Voices of Elysium

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Music Reviews

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     "Through such popular perennials as Angel Beauty and Angelic Harp Music, Berglund has proven himself the 'King of New Age Harp Music'. No one can touch him when it comes to playing heaven's renowned instrument, as represented by the single action Douglas Irish Harp. Subtitled Abode of the Angels, this new recording continues his favored celestial theme with much pomp and majestic ceremony as the ethereal beings seek to awaken humankind's true spiritual nature by infusing the earth's core with flames of Divine Light. Using a universal language that communicates without words, these winged benefactors sing in unison and counter-point with Berglund's shimmering strings. The result is forty-five minutes of some of the most restful and inspiring music ever recorded."
'P.J. Birosik, New Age Retailer'

     "In the myths of ancient Greece, Elysium was known as the realm of heaven. Erik has taken the outpouring of angelic energies straight from the Elysium realms and transformed them into aural images of striking beauty. Mixing his transcendent voice with his startlingly brilliant playing on the Douglas Irish Harp, Erik has transcended his own work with a new level of artistry. The meditational, transportive nature of Erik's compositions is enhanced by several musicians, including Kevin Setchko playing the flute on "Awakening" and Kathy Zavada's pure voice on several cuts. Erik tours internationally and is well known for earlier albums including Harp of the Healing Waters, Angelic Harp Music, and Angel Beauty. I particularly recommend "Star Memories," "Angel Lullaby," and "Awakening," though the whole album is wonderful."
~Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer

     "In 'Elysium', Erik Berglund takes us on a spiritual journey through the heavenly realm. Erik's 'Douglas Irish Harp' combined with angelic voices and synthesizer, meld into an inspiration of divine paradise. Combined with his gift for arranging, this album reaches wondrous heights. There is a theory that sound is the invisible matrix of the material world, interweaving light to build what we see and feel. Mr. Berglund's compositions translate into a beautiful, all-encompassing tapestry, gently weaving harmonies with brilliance. 'Elysium' is the music of the angels. It awakened my soul. It will do the same
for you!"
~Richard Fuller, Senior Editor - Metaphysical Reviews

     "This a delightful recording of harp and gentle vocals that lift the spirit up to the 'abode of the angels.' Elysium, known through legend as the heaven realm of ancient Greece, is the point of outpouring of angelic energies through music. Woven throughout this tapestry are angelic voices singing the forgotten language of the angels. The humanistic voice of these angels, lifted in simple tones, unfettered by the separation caused by words, lends dignity and spirit. Angel Prayer would soothe any troubled soul, connecting with the heart chakra. Its arpeggios and yearning for soul union give the heart a loving lift. Star memories seems to drift among the stars, with crystalline tones shooting from space. One has the feeling of passing through many galaxies. Ancient Voices fills the ears with the heavenly haunt of the angelic voice, the strong voices of Erik and Amanda Kelley. The combination of the two is at once expansive and freeing and the pretty harp adds to the joy. Heralds of the New Dawn pairs Erik with Amanda once again and the result is sweet and tender, with Amanda on the higher, lilting notes. Erik's peaceful yet potent vocals gently pierce the heart even though the lyrics are indiscernible. Each gem holds the same magnificent quality without being repetitive, touching deeply at the heart of the listener. Elysium - Abode of Angels is ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, reiki; just about anything involved with healing. Let these angels touch and heal you."
~Mia Posner, Heartsong Review

     "Harpist, Erik Berglund, is a man with a mission to act as a musical conduit from the angelic realms to heal and uplift the world of humanity. Whatever one may or may not think of such a lofty goal, the music on Elysium - named after classical Greek heaven - is definitely deeply relaxing and inspirational. Berglund plucks peaceful, atmospheric melodies from his Celtic Harp, cushioned by his own tremelo-laced singing (not in english - but in the forgotten language of the angels) assisted by a cetene of siren voiced women singers. From the opening - Garden of the Heart - to the closing - Herald of the Dawn, Erik takes the listener on a mystical healing journey into the realm of deep peace and celestial sublimity."
~Reel to Reel Music

     "Whatever you think heaven must be, you'll find it here on harpist Erik Berglund's Elysium: angelic choirs, heavenly plains, staircases to the inspiration of God, pools of mercy and winds of forgiveness. This radiant album will make you melt into light and breathe the vibrations of love. You don't have to die to experience the ecstasy of heaven!"
~Carol Wright, 'Napra Trade Journal'