Concert Reviews

     Erik Berglund is a unique recording artist who
like the troubadours of yore, combines his extraordinary musical talents with the spirit and power of God's healing gifts. Erik sings like an angel with a refined tenor voice accompanied by the crystalline sounds of his Irish harp and synthesizer orchestration. He tours the world facilitating group energy in concerts, workshops, and thousands of private healing sessions. He leads tours to sacred sites and hosts gatherings near his home in Mt. Shasta California. His music is known for its angelic connection and his

latest release is an album entitled "Somewhere." In concert Erik sings classic favorite
s, plays heart touching harp melodies, becomes a storyteller, and weaves the energies of the angels in a program designed to uplift us all. 

"The performance was hailed as one of the best ever seen and experienced in Sri Lanka." Indeewara Thilakarathne

"The healing music of the harp was breath taking, and simply harmonious to listen to. But Erik's voice accompanied by the orchestra was awe inspiring." Rukshana Rizwie, The Nation Eye (Sri Lanka) 

"If angels were given a human voice, it would sound just like Erik Berglund." Rev. Lela Garretson, Unity Minister, Florida.

Erik In Concert
     Erik Berglund strikes a note of joy with his lyric tenor voice, beautiful Celtic harp and inspired compositions. He awakens in
all who hear him a deep feeling for the wonder and beauty of life. Erik's music truly speaks to the heart in flowing ones that awaken ancient memories.

Erik combines sparkling enthusiasm with many years of disciplined musical and spiritual study. All of his music is dedicated to healing. Many who hear it report wonderful transformations in their lives. Erik's inspiration draws form many sources including the ancient healing and musical traditions of times past. He also works closely with the angelic kingdom. Listeners have felt the presence of angels during his concerts. 

Erik performs all over the world, sharing his vision of world unity and harmony. He has performed in major cities from Athens, London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Osaka, Johannesburg, Colombo, Auckland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Denver, Washington D.C., New York City, Toronto and Sau Paulo to power points such as Machu Piccu, the Great Pyramid, Glastonbury, Easter Island, Mt. Fuji, the Grand Tetons, Lake Louise, the Yucatan, the Hawaiian islands and the Holy Land as well as his home in Mt. Shasta, California. 

Erik in concert is a unique experience in which the listeners step out of time and space and are transported into new realms as the soothing voice of the bard complements the crystalline tones of the harp. Songs of the past, songs
of healing, and songs of the New Age all join to bring alive ancient memories. Erik's concerts bring about a magical shared experience that quickens the heart, uplifts the spirit and lingers long in the memories of all who attend.

"Erik Berglund's music blends the physical with the non-physical through the medium of the heart. His is remarkable music."
~ Gary Zukav, Author of "Seat Of The Soul" & "Soul Stories"

"I was starved for what you brought through." Susan Olson, New Zealand "The King of New Age Harp Music"
~PJ Birosik, New Age Retailer

"When it comes to playing heaven's renowned instrument no one can touch him." 
~PJ Birosik, New Age Retailer

Erik Berglund Harp Concerts
     Erik Berglund, singer and harpist from Mt. Shasta California has always been doing something different. Playing the harp, he's not just playing any harp, but one designed by his teacher Mildred Dilling, (also the teacher of Harpo Marx). A hybrid between a concert pedal harp and a folk harp, it has unique levers combining the flexibility of the former with the portability of the latter. Other harpists and harp makers are always fascinated to see and try to play his unusual harp. Because of it's relative lightness, Erik has been able to travel with it all over the world in very unusual circumstances. He began in New York City playing everywhere from off off Broadway productions, gallery openings, and Renaissance festivals to playing in Lincoln Center, Carnegie Recital Hall, St. John's Cathedral and the United Nations. After moving to California, Erik began touring all over the world. He has played everywhere from gliding on a boat in a torch lit cavern in Greece to the top of Machu Piccu in Peru, to the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, to the Mount of the Beatitudes above the Sea of Galilee in Israel, to playing for the dolphins in the islands of Hawaii. 

Since he plays an Irish harp, Erik, whose background is Norwegian, has certainly played Irish music in the past. But what makes Erik's performances unique today are his original compositions for the harp inspired by his love of the angels. Many people have played his recordings for help during times of deep transitions in their lives. In concerts also many emotions are brought forth. The music is so beautiful, many people feel that it reminds them of heaven and the angels. Some people even see the angelic ones covering the concert hall or church and touching each one present. Erik has eight CDs available which bridge the worlds of angels and healing and touch people deeply. Yet in performance there is a magic that transcends even the recordings. What makes Erik's music and concerts so unique is that he not only plays the harp but that he sings with a beautiful rich tenor voice. People have long requested vocal albums after hearing him in concert and his Somewhere album is a compilation of his most requested songs. In concert Erik performs some of these songs giving an added dimension of depth and variety to his program, all orchestrated and arranged to bring forth the greatest inspiration and beauty possible. Erik's concerts are unique, uplifting and filled with magical moments that can long be cherished.

"The world is starved for this wonderful spiritual awakening that Erik's Voice and his Harp combined together bring to the soul. God's blessings sincerely to all who are fortunate to hear this heavenly music.
" ~ Johnnie Lee MacFadden, Pioneer Of Health & Beauty Products 

"Last night I was the ticket taker for Erik Berglund's concert. I truly watched people transformed as they left his concert with the healing love in his music. These souls changed from "stern" expressions to those of light and happiness. The vibrations all through the store were those of healing and joy. For myself also.
" ~ Stella Mae Braubach, East-West Bookshop, Mountain View, CA

     An enchanting evening with Erik Berglund

For the first time in Asia, the world famous harpist Erik Berglund performed at St. Joseph's Chapel on February 27. Apart from the exclusive audience at the St. Joseph's Chapel, the performance was hailed as one of the best ever seen and experienced in Sri Lanka.

The cosmopolitan audience comprised of maestro Premasiri Khemadasa and leaking figures in the Sri Lanka music scene.

It was music with spirituality which
mixed harmoniously with the heart awakening voice of Erik.

"The harpist's performance was of excellence. Erik has displayed the fact that he is not only an accomplished musician but also heart rendering vocalist with a melodious voice." said maestro Khemadasa commenting on the extra-ordinary experience, during the intermission of the concert. The concert coincided with Erik's birthday.

Erik's display was a mixture of extraordinary talent, spiritually and an experience of the healing power of God. One of the significant aspects of his music is that it awakens ancient memories and addresses the heart and mind of the listener.

The concert was organized by Sylvia Leela Isani and Satya Sabine Wilmsen on behalf of the Joy of Healing, Germany.

Erik Berglund has performed at healing retreat, conferences and workshops in places such as Machu Picu, the pyramids of Giza, Glastonbury, the Yucatan, Delphi, the Holy Land, the Great Barrior Reef, the Grand Tetons, the Venezuelan Andes, the Arizona deserts, the Hawaiian islands, St. John's Cathedral and the United Nations in New York City as well as his home in Mt. Shasta, California. Erik Berglund is a unique recording artist who, like the troubadours of yore, combines his extraordinary musical talents with the spirit and power of God's healing gifts. Erik sings like an angel with a refined tenor voice accompanied by the crystalline sounds of his Irish harp. He tours the world facilitating group energy in concerts, workshops, and thousands of private healing sessions. He leads tours to sacred sites and hosts gathering near his home in Mt. Shasta, California. His music is known
for its angelic connection and his latest release is an album titled "Angel Paradise".
Indeewara Thilakarathne Sunday Observer, Sri Lanka newspaper

    The night I heard Erik sing, was the night that will linger long in my mind. I experienced one of the most magical and literally uplifting moments in my life. As he sang, I meditated, and as he plucked harp strings, I could feel every string of energy in me be gathered and weaved with the outside world.

Gary Zukav, author of "Seat of the Soul" said that Erik Berglund's music blends the physical with the non-physical through the medium of music, speaking directly to the hearts of the listeners.

Even though I sat there, in that physical realm bound by time and space at the St. Joseph's College Chapel, I knew I wasn't literally there. I was a blink away from astral projection. And that does not come easily. It takes years of practice and patience to accomplish that one projection. But I knew last night, what made the difference. It was Erik's music, his lyric tenor voice, accompanied by the beautiful Celtic harp and inspired compositions. It was awakening. It was uplifting.

Someone said their body felt like a tuning fork during the concert. That's exactly how I felt as well. I knew and felt myself in a 'scary sense' picking up subtle vibrations of energy in a chapel filled to its capacity with people and their energies, I couldn't escape it and I don't think I wanted to either. Each string of energy running through every medium, was aligned, cleared and left me in a peaceful and vibrant state. My mind was free, my heart was open. The energy still lingers in me, I can feel it as I key in these words.

Breathing easier than ever, my body felt calm, peaceful yet fully awake. I particularly liked Erik's song, "Where you are", it's dedicated to those loved ones who we've lost in every sense.

The healing music of the harp was breathtaking, and simply harmonious to listen to. But Erik's voice accompanied by the orchestra was awe-inspiring. With every cord he hit, every note he sang, something was happening, something bigger than we know or could comprehend. Erik's concert was a ticket to a journey through the celestial realm. From the first notes of the mystical harp you know his music was extraordinary. Or rather you felt it. As you continue to listen, you feel your soul being drawn out, slowly, and gently. Your physical response is one of merging and blending with the music of the higher octaves. There is no longer any sense of separation; you become one with the music. Almost like the sounds of the harp are playing your soul.

Erik's voice is one to be awed at. Rev. Lela Garretson, said that if angels were given a human voice, it would sound just like Erik Berglund. His voice is similar to that of a sacred flame, personal yet inviting. Opening your heart and bridging it with the mind, filling your entire physical being with the realization of love.

In between each song, Erik had a story to tell. He spoke of the bird song, which happens to be his mother's favorite. At one point in time, during a concert overseas, while singing this song, a bird had flown in through the windows and twittered along with his song as it hovered overhead. He calls his Harp- Miss Harp. When he was traveling, he bought two plane tickets. One for him and the other for Miss Harp.

The song that made all the difference for me was "I am Sailing". In order to have a clear and better view of everyone seated, Erik got on the stage and with his beautiful orchestra in the background, and sang. As he looked around he smiled. His aura was a bright glow of white, pure and enlightening. Rukshana Riawie, The Nation Eye, Sri Lanka newspaper

On Saturday a New Age music concert was given by the Harpist, Erik Berglund. The concert lasted nearly two hours, filling everyone with such peace, they could feel the closeness of the angels. This year Erik Berglund included slides in his performance that added an extra special feel. The images, the enchanted harp sound and Erik Berglund's voice made everyone feel full of peace within, a deep feeling for Peace on Earth. This magical moment was marked with experiences and knowledge that Erik was sharing through his performance. Erik spoke about Mount Shasta - where he makes his home in California, he also talked about his inspirations - Angels, Archangels and Mother Mary's energy. This very emotional event was deeply touching. Erik closed with two meaningful songs: 'Ave Maria,' and 'Imagine' (by John Lennon). When he played and sang this last song, everyone in the audience held hands and a chain was formed as a symbol of peace for our Planet Earth.
~ Gazeta Da Zona Norte, Sau Paulo, Brazil Newspaper

Now more along the lines of a live concert, was the performance of harpist/healer Erik Berglund from California.

Erik played a number of songs from all seven of his albums, the latest of which is Harp of the Healing Waters, an inspirational and engaging instrumental recording. Being a co-creator with artist/composer Aeoliah for many years and having him produce some of his work, you can hear the pure joyful spirit ringing through Erik's playing and composing. Erik's background in piano and violin have given him an excellent foundation for his harp studies with renowned harpist Mildred Dilling, teacher of Harpo Marx. Of all his recordings, Harp of the Healing Waters is the most mature and deep, with varied tempos and more dramatic phrasing that are reflected in his concert tours all over the world. 

Overall, the music Erik played and sang noticeably expressed his heart. In concert he sang many love songs in his delicate tenor voice, from Denver to Donovan, intended to waken and renew the hearts of the listeners. Having studied many spiritual disciplines and found his healing energy, his whole focus is on creating positive thought forms, strengthening the love within us and recognizing the energy beings we often call angels. His hands seem to caress the harp strings as a gentle wind through new saplings. 

During the concert he gave explanations and exhortations to empower us to express love, truth and freedom in harmony with ourselves and the planet. This sweet, gentle man has the gift of plucking our heart-strings as he puts his own emotions into his harp-strings, bringing innocence and compassion into the listeners' ears and out through their hearts. A moving, unusual and fun performance. 
Renee Gelpi - from Dimensions Toronto's New Age Monthly, May 1990

    "I had the joy of hearing Erik play for the first time while in Brazil this summer. Not only was the music beautiful but I was able to watch the crowd transform before my eyes. I watched the crowd which was overloaded with information from two days of a conference come alive while he played. The room was full of colors and love flowed. I will never forget it."
~Laura Bushnell, California Intuitive/Lecturer

"Through such popular perennials as Angel Beauty and Angelic Harp Music, Erik Berglund has proven himself the King of New Age Harp Music. No one can touch him when it comes to playing heavens renowned instrument."
~ P.J. Birosk, New Age Retailer

"Erik Berglund's music is a grateful gift for the soul. His voice bears Angelic Presence and his tones wash over me with a spectrum of healing color. His concerts and recordings are a blessing."
~Alan Cohen, Author of "The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

"Erik Berglund's music is a mainstay of my musical medicine chest. When working with individuals who face physical death, his beautiful harp music provides a sonic bridge to allow then to pass over in peace."
~ Joyce C. Parmentier, RMT - BC/MA, Therapeutic Sound Facilitator

"Erik Berglund's music is the most beautiful music I have ever heard!"
~ Jill Turner, Reiki Master

"We humans can see beauty in almost everything, but it's hard to find a more soothing, flowing musical example of the concept."
~ Esther Park, Heartsong Review.

"Listening to Erik's music is like bathing in healing energy." 
~ Ann Velery, Spiritual Teacher, Author of "Awakening"

"Thank you, oh thank you for being able to express the angelic realms through your music. Words cannot begin to describe what ecstasy your music gives me."
~ Elizabeth Shuey, Spiritual Teacher

"I've never heard more beautiful music anywhere. I feel I am with God and the Angels.
When I hear Erik's music, I feel my atomic structure change, all the atoms realigning all over my body!"
~ Karen Blanc, Author of "Dear Hilda and Adventure With a Holy Man

"Erik Berglund's music opens interdimensional doorways to the angelic realms and one's own soul. Truly world class - a potent healing and balancing force much needed at this time." 
~ Diana Gazes, Media Personality and Seminar Leader

"Erik's sensitivity and his unique creative compositions bring a new dimension into the world of harp music. His works are harmonious, uplifting and healing. A very fine artist." 
~ Aeoliah, Visionary Artist and New Age Musician

"The harpist's performance was of excellence. Erik has displayed the fact that he is not only an accomplished musician but also a heart rendering vocalist with a melodious voice." 
~ Dr. Premairi Khemadasa (Sri Lanka's premier composer)

"I experienced - I view - Erik's harp playing as a vehicle for prayer, enhanced creativity, and communion with spirit!" 
~ Peggy 'Alena Marie' Farver, Expressive Art Therapist Instructor - Consultant

"'Herald of the New Dawn' is the most beautiful song I've ever heard!" 
~ Cheryl Yambrach Rose, Visionary Artist

"Erik Berglund's music continues to bridge heaven and earth. His music is a beautiful vision in sound!" ~ Ixthara, Visionary Artist

"Wherever in the world I present classes and healing visualizations, Erik Berglund's evocative tapes provide a heart resonance which Erik's exquisite healing gifts powerfully resonate through his music - creating a unique experience of celestial energy."
~ Barbara Cander, Wellness Counselor

"Erik's tapes enhance and magnify the healing energy as I work, open hearts, soothe and rebalance energies during treatments and for years have been the background music for healing initiations."
~ Karen Mellon, Reiki Master

"I am always thrilled to see Erik come to town. With his last visit, I finally got my largest thrill ... my most complete works of Erik Berglund yet! With a six CD changer, I loaded all the discs and was totally transported away the whole day. If I had business to conduct, the low-key background music nearly became subliminal and enhanced the mundane dealings of the day by being touched by Erik and the angels."
~Bekki Shanklin-Spicer, Publisher, The Conscious Voice magazine, Fort Myers, Florida.

"I was at the Crystal Garden on Friday for your performance, and after I got home, I felt I didn't express to you how much your music touched me and I wanted to do that now.

Did you see me gently crying during the entire first half? Not out of sadness, but from the release of deep emotions and from the feeling of joy. I have never heard anything like that - and 'heard' is not the correct work. I 'felt' the music in my heart and spirit. It seemed you were a channel for the angels themselves, radiating love, joy and beauty. You glowed with it!

My body felt like a tuning fork, picking up subtle vibrations of energy, being properly aligned and re-tuned, to a peaceful and vibrant state. The energy stayed with me for days afterward, and the angels I saw! They were floating around you as you played. Tiny little cherub angels gently floating down, smiling gladly at being recognized and honored! It's so difficult to express what a soothing effect my energy felt - calmed and vibrant at the same time.

So, thank you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and joyful talent. You should know what beauty is uncovered, what good is done. I sense that you do know this, and that is why you do it. Be assured that the effects are being felt and that it is obvious that God's blessings are upon you!"
~ From Florida

"An evening with Erik Berglund was an evening like no other!

Erik Berglund enchanted me with his music, with his harp, and with his warm and ingratiating voice. I felt placed into another world. Thoughts and feelings that normally rest locked up in me, broke open. My heart grew wide and I felt like a bird hovering in the sky.

His music, his songs were like balm in my sore soul. He made me get close to Heaven and to our Creator. Sounds of a harp, which were healing, enlivening, and shocking at the same time. I let myself fall into this elevating, caressing music.

I don't have the words to express what moved and touched me inwardly - I think I have never heard anything more beautiful. A wave of endless happiness, deep peace, and boundless freedom seized me and took me far away from "Now and Today" - in a sphere full of joy and tacit love.

Maybe my description sounds a bit euphoric and too romantic, but thus, I experienced the music from and with Erik Berglund. Like a rainbow that embraces the Earth with iridescent colors, it is a blessing, a gift. All I can say is Thank You!" 
~ From Germany

"Thank you Erik for the wonderful concert! It was very beautiful! It helped me remember what I was always looking for as a child. I wanted to find some elements of the paradise I was so missing. Today at the concert the feeling of paradise was so intensitive that I'm completely filled up! And I now know that feeling of paradise can be everywhere! Thank you from my heart!"
Jutta Schule from The Rainbow Spirit Festival, Baden-Baden, Germany 

Thank you Erik for performing at our Celebration of Heaven on Earth Summer Festival at Horizon House (our non-denominational church) in Green River, Ontario, Canada. Your participation helped me become humbled at the site of our divine mother. 

On Saturday night, during your performance, I was brought in touch with Grace while listening to you tell the story about France, visiting one of the exact spots where St. Francis prayed, a location by the sea shore with caves. I could see a picture of it in my mind's eye as you spoke, heard the nuns singing sweet sounds, while animals gathered around. So gentle, so loving. Later that night while processing this experience sitting in my backyard, I began truly asking to experience the full embodiment of thy Grace.

The following day, Virginia (the Horizon House Minister) gave us an exercise of looking into the eyes of another participant, seeing the Christ in them. As your partner for this exercise, while looking directly into your eyes and holding hands, I began to make my plea internally from the night before.

I AM truly asking, to see the full embodiment of thy Grace, I AM truly asking, to hear the full embodiment of thy Grace, I AM truly asking, to feel the full embodiment of thy Grace, I AM truly asking, to experience the full embodiment of thy Grace, for I AM truly asking.

During this time, a tremendous feeling of pure emotional love energy surrounded us. It was all I could do just to sit there, seeing and feeling tears of joy swell in our eyes, saying nothing, yet feeling so much and my affirmation simplified to; I AM truly asking.

On Wednesday, at our weekly Horizon House Healing Circle, I received a message from one of our healers. Marie-Elaine said, "You humbled yourself at the site of the divine mother." Reviewing the affirmations I have received recently, I adjusted this one to read; I hear our divine mother say, "I see you and hear you as you are."

This has been a truly wonderful experience Somewhere with Grace, and very appropriate for the Horizon House summer festival, our annual Celebration of Heaven on Earth.

Again, thank you Erik for coming to perform and fully participate in our summer festival. I hope to have the opportunity to see you perform again soon. The most wonderful part about your CD is being able to sing along with you. It is as if sweet angels gather around, sharing their love with all. Love in our divine mother,
~ Karl from Toronto

Dmitry Shakin, Music Director, Radio Vladivostok writes, "Harp of the Healing Light became very popular among my listeners. I receive only positive feedback when I'm airing Erik's music. Let me quote a fragment of the letter of a 17-year-old girl after she listened to my program about Erik Berglund: 'One evening I heard something that amazed me and won my heart. It was Erik Berglund's music. The music that I've never heard before and I didn't even suspect of its existence ... Immediately the music filled up my essence. All my problems became irrelevant. Only the music and me existed. I can't remember when else did I experience such feeling of harmony. Erik's music heals all the spiritual wounds filling me with tenderness and love. I simply can't express my feelings with words, but when I listen to Erik's harp, I cry. His music pours inside me like irresistible streams of emotion and feeling. It helps me understand beauty.'" 
~ Natasha Yakovleva, Vladivostok

American Healer invites to “a Bath for the Heart”
Dressed all in white and with a dark violet vest Erik Berglund enters the room of the church and event center Chilematt in Steinhausen. Without words the angel-like appearance sits down next to his harp and starts to play. The man from Mt. Shasta in the United States- artist, seminar leader and healer all in one- sits on a folding chair on the small, slightly elevated stage, very close to the concert audience. He plucks on his instrument. In front of him a white candle and a bouquet of roses embellish the podium.

First the concert then the seminar
The healing and heart concert with harp and vocals of Erik Berglund of last Friday marked the beginning of his 2 day seminar in Steinhausen. “Tonight you will get a bath for the heart” he says after his first piece on stage. Werner Muller from Zurich is translating his English words into German. Berglund continues “the harp vibrates the heart and provides healing.”

Then tears roll down
And? How does the concert audience feel? Susi Penn from Zug explains, “I was already here last time and I really liked it a lot. When you go home you are transformed. His music is touching and uplifting. “Erik Berglund plays and sings his own songs, but also arranges well known titles like ?Somewhere over the Rainbow? Or “ Ave Maria.” A lot of the listeners close their eyes during the songs or let their gaze drift towards the sky or the ceiling respectively and fold their hands in their laps. Here and there you see some little tears roll down the cheeks. Those who want to can enjoy Erik Berglund’s music at home as well. There is a booth selling DC’s which are described on the concert poster as ”similar to a bridge to the heavenly spheres and world of angels.”

He goes everywhere
His way to Steinhausen he found thanks to Irmgard Huwyler from Abtrwil. The organizer says “Erik Berglund is very open. He will come practically anywhere where he is invited to.” After about two and a half hours the last sounds of the harp of the invited guest fade away. The artist and healer leaves the stage after bowing. Of course there is an encore after the warm applause.
Zentralschweiz am Sonntag Zug/Kantone

At a concert (I was in the front row!) by Erik Berglund, he both played the harp and poured his heart into his song, filling the whole space with love. He sang of angels, birds, dreams coming true, the power of love. When I left I was lifted by love, basking in love, infused with love. Though I have been teaching it for years, and feeling it as best I can, I knew I was truly feeling for the first time, to the depths of my heart, mind and body, the truth that Life/God/Goddess actually IS love. The weeks after the concert, feeling Life’s tremendous love for us all, an explosion of good happened for me and my company. What a treasure are Erik and the love he shares in his music! 

~ Joanna Cherry – Author and Visionary

"Last night was truly the most beautiful and most touching experience of my life. Many angels were present, some whom I knew, and a major shift occurred within me. The depth of love and touch of the angels is just as strong today as it was last night."
~ Jacque Tatum - MSW Social Worker and Residential Services Supervisor at Tacachale a state institution for the mentally handicapped. Gainesville, Florida