Angelic Harp Music

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Angelic Harp Music

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Music Reviews

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     "This has to be one of the most relaxing releases I've come across in all my years of viewing music. The peaceful strains of these seven original compositions wash over you with such gentleness that it's easy to visualize in your mind's eye the winged, robed forms of the angels of 'Hope,' 'Innocence,' 'The Wind,' 'Heaven's Gate,' 'The Healing Waters,' 'Dreams' and 'The Morningstar.'Berglund's skills on the Douglas Irish Harp are simply heavenly and when combined with the tasteful orchestration and arrangements supplied by Aeoliah (strings, cello, violin, flute, angelic choir, some special sonic effects and natural sounds), you have music that can heal your exhausted soul and frazzled spirit. What I find amazing is that each cut is so individualistic in it's musical mood, yet all seven meld together beautifully into a seamless, celestial whole. That takes not only talent, but also compassion, tenderness and a sensitivity to one's own personal muse. Obviously, Erik Berglund possesses all of those elements and more. With Angelic Harp Music, he transports us to a realm of such beauty and splendor that it can cause your heart to melt.
~'Lucky Heart' Halo magazine

     "A sensitive, inspiring and soothing album, produced by Erik with Aeoliah and Anton Mizerak. The blend of synthesizers with the harp adds so much, yet it's never overplayed. The arrangements are simple yet full, always sweet, slow and delicate. Angel of Innocence communicates light simplicity and innocence, with angel voices lifting beautifully, full of emotion and yearning. Peaceful and calm, The Angel of the Wind whirls with tinkling wind chimes, synthesized wind and voice textures which open into a feeling of expansion. The Angel of Heavens Gate presents harp and bell sounds in Oriental flavors. The Angel of Healing Waters is a favorite - peaceful waters lightly cascading and shimmering into your soul, and the angels singing with harp harmonics. In The Angel of Morning Star you arise to smooth harp, bird and flute voices, almost feeling the sun on your face. This tape is excellent for meditation, massage, or quiet background music. Recommended.
~Glenn Falkenberg, Heartsong Review

     Although I have been a guitarist for many years, I have always had a strong fascination for the sound of the harp. This venerable instrument possesses the magical ability to exhilarate me, when it is in the hands of Andreas Vollenweider, or to turn me deep inside when it is played by the artists in this review. Erik Berglund's latest recording, "Angelic Harp Music," is very well named. Erik spontaneously created the album's seven compositions as offerings to the angelic realms in gratitude for their expressions of love and compassion in his life. Each track seems to grow more beautiful than the one preceding it as Berglund invokes the "shining ones" with the transparent, shimmering sound of his Celtic harp. Supporting the harpist with studio production and accompaniment on a variety of synthesizers is his long time friend, Aeoliah. The artistry of Aeoliah is so exquisite that his background orchestration highlights even the most delicate nuances of the harp and never competes for dominance.

     Some of the tracks like "Angel of the Wind" and "Angel of Heaven's Gate", have a subtle oriental feeling about them. "Angel of Innocence" is an enchanting melody that evokes distance memories of child hood and gets my vote as one of the finest New Age lullabies ever recorded. But the overall affect of "Angelic Harp Music" is to open the heart and to allow the listener to glide into that inner kingdom where the angels truly dwell.
~ Ken Gruen, New Frontier

     "Angelic Harp Music" is a vibrant, shimmering meditation on the angelic realms. No instrument turns our gaze heavenward better than a well played harp, and Berglund's composition and performance bring out the instrument's potential admirably.
~ Daniel Rose Redwood, Virginia Beach

     "Angelic Harp Music" features seven selections composed by Berglund which musically evoke love and compassion in odes to Hope, Innocence, the Wind, Heaven's Gate, Healing Waters, Dreams and the Morning Star. Some are smooth and slow, others shimmering, but each has its individual message. Berglund shifts registers to achieve the most harmonious partnership with synthesizers and other, accompanying instruments, played by Aeoliah, Anton Mizerak and Berglund on additional tracks. He carefully wanders over strings joining sounds that suggest mysterious but benevolent forces. One is at a distance but feels close to home. The other musical voices sometimes capture the full richness of a small string orchestra rounding out the sonority. "Healing Waters" on side two is an extra long selection preparing the healing path with sounds of gentle cool waters.
~ Rich Babl, The Book Reader