Angel Beauty

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Angel Beauty

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Music Reviews

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     "My favorite angelic music - a music masterpiece. I have heard all of Erik's CD's and I own every one of them. This is one of my very favorites. I have also heard Erik in concert. When I listen to his music I experience the beauty, peace, and love that exists in the angelic realms. In talking to others at his concerts and in my own experience, each piece takes you to somewhere beautiful where you feel healed, uplifted, and expanded. People often sense angelic presences around them as they listen, called by this beautiful harp music. This is the background music I play often during the day when I want to concentrate, feel peaceful, or feel more connected to the angelic realms."
~Sanaya Roman - author, Living with Joy 

     "Angel Beauty reminds me: life is beautiful! When Erik Berglund calls the "Shining Ones" (tract #1) into play a glorious cacaphony of sensations present themselves to the listener. The title song, tract 3, "Angel Beauty" folds the loving kindness we probably all envision when we think of the heavenly hierarchy around our bodies and souls. "Angels of Mercy", tract 6, has a haunting sound that attests to the validity of the music and the angels. When the CD's last song, tract 9, begs, "Lord, Come and Heal the World" the listener intuits that heaven and earth will move to take action on this harpist's request. This was my favorite Erik Berglund recording. My massage therapist often uses it with her clients. I still love "Angel Beauty" but the new CD, "Harp of the Healing Light" beats them all -- probably because the harpist is continually growing and changing as the energies of music and love and the divine merge and emerge from his consciousness."
~Linda Rose - Daytona Beach, Florida 

     The harp has always been one of my favorite instruments. Its pure, resonant tones can convey the emotions of passion and excitement when it is in the hands of Andreas Vollenweider. But it can also bring the listener into a centered meditative place when it is played by a sensitive artist like Erik Berglund. Erik's beautiful harp music exudes a magical, healing quality. His playing sounds effortless, as the strings seem to pulsate with an energy that flows from somewhere deep inside. In my experience, only a very few artists, such as Steven Halpern and Constance Demby, have the ability to create this kind of music that truly relaxes and uplifts at the same time. Angel Beauty is the latest release from Erik Berglund and it is the crowning glory of a trilogy of albums that includes Angelic Harp Music and Harp of the Healing Waters. On Angel Beauty, Erik collaborates with John Mazzei on synthesizer and occasionally adds a touch of flute and voice. His nine new compositions open the heart and still the mind as they softly descend upon the listener like a billowy, sonic cloud. Erik Berglund's music continues to grow and evolve from album to album but it always maintains that scintillating, heart-felt magic. This magic will soon be experienced live when Erik embarks on his nationwide spring concert tour. But until then, Angel Beauty gets a strong recommendation as one of the best and most beautiful new releases of 1993.
~Ken Gruen, 'New Frontier'

     Erik Berglund's "Angel Beauty" allows a peaceful journey through the shimmering tones of his distinctive Celtic harp. In these serene and sensitive compositions, Berglund carries listeners into the realm of angels, of all encompassing love and deeper trust. At times bright and dazzling the pieces are each well developed, with a few vocals by Erik and Marty Freed, as well as synthesizer colorings. The music creates a relaxing, nurturing ambience ideal for meditation, massage, healing, or washing away the cares of the world.
~Common Ground

     One of the newest of recordings by this gifted harpist, in which Berglund creatively reaches even deeper toward the special gifts of angels. And musically captures the gentle power they share with troubled souls on Earth. Berglund has worked diligently at combining his musical gifts with years of spiritual inspiration. As in other albums, this one reveals the result in a series of soothing, healing melodies which help transform troubled moments into joyful and healing ones. The opening selection unleashes free and random glissandos to interplay with a gentle flute and synthesizer reproductions of organ and strings. Occasional Oriental themes combine with Occidental harmonies to lend universality to the blend. The other selections - all composed by Berglund build on his spiritually inspired Douglas Irish Harp, and feature assistance from Anton Mizerak on synthesizer, Debra Harris - Guy on flute and Marty Freed on vocals. Now and then, environmental sounds of rain and wind remind the listener of other angelic resources to sooth and heal the body and soul. As song titles indicate, here is music of beauty, soaring wings, mercy, light and the healing of the Lord. Emotionally calming. Soothing. Satisfying.
~Rich Babl, The Book Reader

     "Angel Beauty is a deeper immersion into the world of the angels to carry their spiritual currents to the people of Earth. Through music the angels touch humanity's emotions which are presently going through major transformation. This music is designed to assist in soothing and healing those parts of us that need more love, joy, compassion, faith and trust." The first cut, "Shining Ones," has a very lush feeling to it and is a wonderful beginning to a totally soothing album. If you tune into yourself enough, you will find yourself relaxing and beginning to float with the music. The entire album is predominantly harp music (Douglas Irish Harp specifically) with some background vocals, flute, and synthesized music to help create the special mood of each cut on the album. Even though each cut has its own feel, they are tightly woven together to create an album that has a very gentle and natural flow. This is also one of those albums you will want to set on repeat, because the nine cuts on the album "fly" by so fast. Particularly strong cuts on this album are "Shining Ones," "Seraphic Host," and the final cut, which is entitled, "Lord Come and Heal the World." "Seraphic Host" is singled out as a particularly strong cut due to the excellent use of background vocals. The vocals are so faint that you wonder if they are really on the recording, or are you hearing some celestial beings singing to the music. The last cut almost reminds you of a hymn you may have heard in church because you will catch yourself asking where have I heard this piece done before. "Lord Come and Heal the World" is composed by Erik Berglund, but provides a particularly moving end to a totally peace inspiring album.
~ Buddy Couvion, In Light Times

     ANGEL BEAUTY: If angels are still big in your estimation, put on this CD and join them. Of course, the harp is heavens instrument, and Erik Berglund must have a direct line to channel such radiance. Harp, flute, voice, and synthesizer shimmer with holy, heavenly, and dash - well angelic soul. The themes are profoundly moving, ethereal, and passionate.
~ Carol Wright, Napra Trade Journal

     Erik Berglund combined early interest in music with increasing spiritual awakenings to develop a unique approach to an oft neglected instrument: the harp. By now he has many albums, concerts and tours to his credit, but feels that the most typical of his expressions is the latest album, "Angel Beauty". The angels represent a feeling world to Berglund, and the music they inspire evokes hope and inspiration, "qualities which the world needs now." There is a spiritual undercurrent in his music which can reach people's emotions, "but just as important is the melody. There is a certain depth in melodies which breathe." Berglund was raised in a musical family, trained early on piano, violin and voice, and even experimented with film and mime. But when smitten by a harpist mentor, he quickly saw the opportunity to channel his musical and spiritual talents through an instrument with tremendous healing qualities. As on the previous album "Harp of the Healing Waters," Berglund uses the soothing sounds of rain and wind to elaborate on his gentle melodies. All "Angel Beauty" compositions are original and feature the Douglas Irish Harp which has no pedal, forcing an occasional Oriental appeal to his music which adds to the breadth and universality. He is assisted by Anton Mizerak on synthesizer, Debra Harris-Guy on flute and Marty Freed on vocals. Berglund's next tour takes him to Greece this summer. Perhaps the Elysian Fields will inspire another album of such gentle satisfaction.
~ Rich Babl, The Book Reader

     The harp is the quintessential instrument of the angels, and Erik Berglund, playing the Douglas Irish Harp, brings this glorious, heavenly music to earth. Each of the nine tracks have a different music personality. And each of them will reach your soul, transporting your conscious to a world of peace and lucid dreams. "Blue Lotus," for instance is soft and ethereal, like floating on a cloud. "Shining Ones" is reminiscent of a placid yet shimmering lake at full moonlight. The title track "Angel Beauty" is like gliding among the heavenly bodies on gossamer wings. And "Angels of Mercy" is the music of angels crying tears of joy. This reviewer was moved by the healing quality and sensitivity of the album. Erik Berglund has given us a gift of love, joy and compassion.
~ Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews

     This heavenly music is a "deeper immersion into the world of the angels to carry their spiritual currents to the people of the Earth." The music is designed to soothe and heal us with love, compassion, faith and trust as we go through our current transformation. This has the highest purpose and inspiration, and does indeed succeed in reaching its goal. This reviewer obviously loves the music and I excitedly recommend it for all healing purposes, as well as exploring deep soul memories. Erik Berglund is an international recording artist and healer, whose beautiful harp (Douglas Irish Harp) music is enjoyed through his concerts, workshops, and healing work. My favorite pieces from this album include "Angel Beauty," a long immersion in heavenly sound with a light high melody gently plucked, and an equally lovely echoing undertheme below. "Soaring Wings," with repeated harp phrases, quickly plucked, evoked a vision of soaring in an ethereal place with shimmering synth clouds. The closing "Lord Come and Heal the World" has a beautiful melody plucked simply in single notes on the harp, with flute joining in crystalline beauty, violins and recorder echoing the same lovely theme. All of the music is wonderfully peaceful and healing and highly recommended for prayer, meditation, dance and inspiration.
~ Easter, Heartsong Review