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Music Reviews

     The recently released Angel Chants CD by Erik Berglund is a masterful recording! This music provides a direct link to the angelic dimensions. Every time this CD is played, angels come and miracles begin to happen. 

This CD acts as an angelic gateway to the higher dimensions and you feel the presence of angels almost immediately around the room in which it is being played. At times you feel their physical presence as they literally swirl around your body. People who are clairvoyant have actually seen the angels flowing in to enjoy the music when it is played. 

Listening to the music appears to work on several aspects of our being at once. The following will provide a brief perspective of the immense power of the CD. 

Heart Chakra Impact One of the marvelous benefits is the direct healing that occurs with your heart chakra. While many of us are aware of the importance of opening our chakras, this music opens the heart chakra more every time it is played. 

Spiritual Journey Acceleration The power of this CD is so transformational, that you may never be the same after listening to it! The music will positively accelerate your spiritual journey. You will feel transported by the angels to dimensions that you were aware existed but may have never visited. 

Physical Healing Application This music provides the listener access to the most effective healers in the universe through the presence of the angels. The combination of using the music while focusing on a particular physical situation has been extraordinary. The beauty of this application appears to come from the combination of our focus and intent to heal ourselves or others with the wondrous support from the angels. 

Once you begin listening to the Angel Chants CD, you will notice many subtle (and not so subtle) changes in your life as if you are being attuned with another dimension. For healers, caregivers and every person who is co creating his/her own spiritual journey, this music is a marvelous divine gift. After listening to this music you are aware that your very being has been irrevocably altered by the miraculous gifts of the angels and it will be difficult to imagine your life before Angel Chants became a part of your psyche. Thank you Erik and thank you angels.
Ginny Porter, Mount Shasta Magazine

     It is a rare soul who comes into our lifetime and possesses the resonance of the higher realms that can instantly create peace, harmony and joyousness within. Such a soul is Erik Berglund. His dedication to the angelic kingdom and his deeply spiritual conviction that God can do anything are embedded harmoniously within the sound tracks. His Angel Chants CD has been used worldwide to assist with profound healings, fine-tuning the chords of your heart. The evocation for the archangels is a profound spiritual experience as the seven archangels are invited into your presence. This latest release is a departure from his six other CD's as it presents Erik's classical voice training in a unique pattern of layered chants. This is a CD you will want to play continuously whenever you want to create an environment of love, joy and tranquility. 
Diana Burney, Jacksonville, Fl 

"Your ANGELS CHANTS record is really fantastic. Also, I think it marks a beginning of a new style of New Age music which is sorely needed. I refer to the track dedicated to the Angels and Archangels who have helped us so much. At last we are seeing compositions such as yours where the Angels are called by their real names and with their real Virtues. I would really like to congratulate you and tell you to continue. One notes an angelic radiation in your music. A thousand Blessings and thank you also for giving us the gift of those marvelous notes." 
Juan Carlos Garcia, Composer. 

     "Erik Berglund is well known for his angelic harp music, with several successful releases to his credit. Angel Chants, being, as far as I know, his first vocal album, is therefore quite a departure. It turns out that Berglund has a heavenly voice to match his heavenly harp. Berglund invites the angels in by name on the opening track, "Archangel Chant." Sounding as though he's in a vast cathedral, his lightly layered, unaccompanied vocals invoke Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Zadkiel.

The twenty minute second track, "Angel Chant," adds synthesizer by Paul White. Berglund invokes the angels of light, peace, hope, faith, truth, joy, freedom love, bliss and more. Additional chants include "Healing Angels" and "Sweet Angels." I recommend listening to Angel Chants while lying, or at least sitting, down. After the 55 minute CD is over, you'll likely be so blissed out you may find it an effort to move. This makes it a potent healing adjunct to massage, for example. The names of the angels, and Berglund's heavenly voice, wash over you in a way that's profoundly sweet and innocent, making Angel Chants a gift to treasure."
Steve Ryals-New Age Retailer