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Related links

Always Angels - Angel Gifts for All Occasions

Angels by Sharae - A beautiful gallery of angel, Archangel, and paintings for children by gifted artist Sharae Taylor. She can paint your guardian angel for you.

Angel Therapy - the website of Doreen Virtue, one of the foremost spokespersons on angels


EcoMall find thousands of green environmentally responsible Eco-Products such as hemp, solar and organic.

Gordon Michael Scallion  Earth Updates

The Hunger Site Home - Make free donations of food to give to feed hungry people while viewing a world hunger map.

The Spirit of Maat- online magazine with articles by Drunvalo and Gregg Braden

Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada

View of the Earth at Night- Earth seen from the heavens.


American Harp Society

Electric Harp Column

The Folk Harp Journal

Harp Journal

The Harp Page 

Laura Riley: performance, therapeutic and products   

Markwood Heavenly Strings and Cases


ABCpeace provides products and services that facilitate healing, education and inspire peace including "The Holistic Medicine Charts" laminated easy reference guides to self healing.

Anaflora flower
essence therapy for animals and animal communication. Natural holistic health care for animals emphasizing anaflora flower essences and formulas. Telepathic animal communication offering diagnostic insight, inspiration and guidance.

Dinshah Health Society   Spectro-Chrome System home page, the pre-eminent spectrum based health system in the U.S. Spectro-Chrome therapy is a safe, natural home use medical system that does not rely on any drugs or chemicals, with uncertain side effects.

Earth Release - Remote energy clearing work for people, homes and businesses. Clear the energetic obstacles that are keeping you stuck! 

The Healing Centre - the family of Light is an international mobile healing centre offering healing, channeling and educational forums around the globe.

Healing Touch Quick Steps - Simple and elegant multimedia self-help tools available for sale online

Healing Vibrations - Aromatherapy Energy Clearing mists that work vibrationally to erase negative thoughts and emotions that you may have accumulated during your day.  An alternative to burning sage or incense.

Jasmuheen Cosmic Internet Academy, set up by Jasmuheen 

Jasmuheen's personal website

Rainflower Essence Online Boutique - Flower essences from Mt. Shasta to the Amazon Rainforest to transform your life

Violet Ray Machine - Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) refers to the Violet Ray in over 900 readings given to individuals who sought his advice.

ZoncoArm - Erik's brother Andrew Berglund's inventions for helping handicapped people:


Bowen Bodywork - The Bowen Technique is a leader in vibrational healing.

EarthSave International - Diet for a New America: Your Health, Your Planet.

The Essential Oil Company - has been importing and distributing quality Essential Oils since 1977.

Hellerwork - the body is the hologram of the being

Living and Raw Foods The largest community and source of information and recipes on the internet for the living and raw food vegetarian based diet.

Maharishi Ayur-Ved Products - Ayurvedic Products.

Maine Seaweed Company - varieties of edible seaweeds

RawFood  -- the world's Internet guide to a raw-food diet.

Rosen Method Bodywork - movement creates the experience of relaxation and well-being in action. Participants find new vitality, joy, and ease in their bodies.

The Sprout House - home of the Sproutman, the nation's largest supplier of organic sprouting seeds and unique sprouting supplies.

Vegan Informations - The Vegan Society gives you the information you need to make choices about your life and to help you to maintain the lifestyle you want.

Ultimate Life Wonderful product line for optimum health.


Erik's Obituary

Erik Berglund Online Memorial - Please join us in our Collective Heart Space on September 22, to Honor and Celebrate the Life of Erik Berglund. This Online Memorial Service allows any and all who loved Erik to join in. This event will be recorded if you cannot join us live. Please register here to receive call-in or web view details:  Share this link with everyone who loves Erik.

A Tribute to Erik Berglund (ELARIUL) by his friend Aeoliah on YouTube


Ascension Mastery International Joanna Cherry's beautiful teachings on ascension, rejuvenation and
immortality are introduced here, and her audio tape sets and books may be purchased online. Also, enjoy and pass on Joanna's wonderful vision for Earth!

Ascension-St. Germain -  Website of Troika on ascension, alchemy, secrets of St. Germain, workshops and private sessions

AMI Website of Joana Cherry including extensive spiritual pictures.

Amoraea Dreamseed Website featuring Biomats and also the art and music of Amoreaea

Cheryl Yambrach Rose a visionary artist who paints "in parables": images that connote a great range of meaning and may be understood directly by the subconscious as well as the conscious mind.

Diana Gazes Birthing a new human with transforming CD, DVD, healings and workshops.

Heart of the Mother with Mary- Ma McChrist

Earth Heart  Books and calendars about Taoism, Mount Shasta and Cesarean birth. Also Hot-air Balloon rides

Grace Unlimited Grace - mystic, poet, and internationally known healer shares her beauty, poetry and events

Mark Gibson Stress relief and Relaxation Coaching 

Michael Tamura Website of author, psychic, lecturer, and creator of Seraphim with wife Raphaelle.

Mount Shasta Magazine
A quarterly magazine featuring nationally known teachers in the new age and alternative health communities art, events, interviews, books, videos, music, reviews and the Mount Shasta mystique.

Shalomar Website featuring productions, conferences and workshops of cutting edge speakers coming to Mt. Shasta


Aeoliah Presenting a line of fine music, books and art for human and spiritual development. Internationally reknown composer-recording artist, author, and visionary artist.

American Music Therapy Association to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world

BlueStar Communications   carries New Age Music and products in United States and Canada

East West New Age The Deepest Line of Spiritual & New Age Books & Tapes on the Net

Iasos one of the original founders of New Age music and a leading exponent of celestial music. Also features visionary art and spiritual/metaphysical information. Focus is on heavenly realms. CDs, videos, and cassettes can be purchased on-line.

Juan Carlos Garcia -celestial synthesizor music of the angels

Kailash: A sound therapist, artist and inner world musician

Kathy Zavada- wonderful original hearttouching music of Kathy's voice and piano plus her schedule

Matisha: Uplifting healing music , dolphin journeys, poetry to the Beloved and beautiful imagery.

Medwyn Goodall wonderful new age celtic music.

Michael Hammer   Music to facilitate meditative and healing states.

Miten and Deva Premal Wonderful musicians Erik met in Germany that do beautiful chanting and spiritual songs

Omashar, wonderful music of singer, songwriter, and keyboardist

Oreade Music  carries wonderful new age music including Erik Berglund.

Richard Shulman Heart touching music by a wonderful composer who also studied with Hilda Charleton and has often performed with Erik.

Sarah West Recording artist, poet, healer and author.


Hubble Space Telescope - Images

Views of the Solar System - presents a vivid multimedia adventure unfolding the splendor of the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and more.


Church of the Creator - spiritual organization that includes prayer requests.

Ron Roth - spiritual healing and prayer requests


A.R.E. Inc., is the international headquarters of the work of Edgar Cayce, considered the most documented psychic of all time.

Radiant Rose Academy - Website of Akasha and Asun with messengers Usa and Excalibur.

Circle One Center - A Nine Dome Visionary Multi-Media Center and Metaphysical Think Tank,with special projects: Visionfest International And The Light Body Training 

Dreaming Bear  Website of Poet, Author, and Soul Inspirer.  

Dubai Spiritual Work in Dubai with Simonanda

Era of Peace  New Age Studies of Humanity's Purpose - with Patricia Diane Cota Robles

Gregg Braden - website of author-speaker who brings forth leading edge information and insights

Hauk'in Center for Solar Initiation. A Mystery School Without Walls

Heaven & Earth an international spiritual TV show

Hilda Charlton - Spiritual Teacher the practical teachings of an extraordinary woman who, for 23 years in New York City, taught classes on meditation and living a life of courage, truth and love 

James van Praagh Website of best selling author, psychic, lecturer, and TV host.

The Kabbalah Centre gives information on Kabbalah, the Zohar and the 72 Names of God

The Light Party is a synthesis of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Green Parties. Together, Through The Law Of Synergy, We Have An Unprecedented Opportunity Now To Co-Create "Health, Peace And Freedom For All".

Love Without End Glenda Green shares her experience of painting Jesus.

LuminEssence Website of Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Tools for bringing about higher states of consciousness, including light body work, relationships, manifesting, and living with joy.

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne - Two sites include many hard to find books of Dr. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne that are timeless and profound. The dialogue is clear and the exercises are some of the best for accelerating an individual's spiritual path. .  Two of Murdo MacDonald-Bayne's most profound books free for downloading. These books are about his experiences in the Himalayas with Masters who shared wisdom and secret teachings. 

MSIA Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

Nvisible Website of Solara.

Odyssey Magazine, Spiritual Magazine from South Africa

Path of Light Learn about new ways to lift and aid humanity through love in action on the physical plane. LaUna Huffines provides books, tapes, and seminars for spiritual seekers worldwide. Daily affirmations and wonderful information available. 

Patricia Sun Founder of communication for understanding.

PAX - The spiritual organization under Carmen Balhestero that sponsors Erik in Brazil.

Sathya Sai Baba - Sathya Sai Baba

Sufi Order International - The mystic order of Islam brought to the west by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Swim With Dolphins  Awakening In Paradise Retreats.  

Tosa Website of best selling authors, radio personalities and keynote lecutrers: Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa.


American Sanskrit Institute learn sanskrit by cassette and more.

Babaji's Kriya Yoga - Founded by Marshall Govindan.

Kriya Yoga Institute - Founded by Paramahamsa Hariharananda.

Self-Realization Fellowship The organization founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda to teach scientific methods of meditation and principles of spiritual living that lead to direct, personal experience of God


Baar Products Official Supplier of Edgar Cayce Products

Heritage Store premier online holistic health store that features Cayce's supplements as well as hundreds of other natural health products.


Contact Erik Berglund

Tommy Dekker created this website for me. If you like his work as much as I do and are interested in his services, you can reach him at: