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      Erik spent many years studying and applying various teacher's methods. On a trip to the Andes in South America, his own gift of healing was reawakened. Through sessions in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and the South Pacific, his healing skills have been honed to their present form. He claims nothing, giving all credit to God. Erik feels there is a great need for healing at this time as great shifts are taking place on the planet, there is added stress to the people of Earth pushing up to the surface what needs to be healed. Erik says, "the people coming to me for healing are drawn for a reason. Each one healed can be a torch that lights the way for others. We all become catalysts for God's great healing." 

     The healing sessions deal with structural changes and can range from healing the inner child, male-female polarity, to removing entities or etheric scars. Erik first tunes into the underlining cause, whether from childhood or past lives and transforms blocked energy into movement and flow. Like the healer in the film "Greenmile" Erik draws out negative energy like a cosmic roto-rooter. Many people have expressed they felt the pain, hurtful memory, or negativity sucked out of them as if removed from a vacuum cleaner. Erik works on all the traditional needs of health, relationship, financial and career issues. He particularly works through the causes in the inner planes: mental, emotional, etheric/memory where causes are stored waiting to be healed. He works through the chakras or energy centers in the body, the traditional seven as well as opening the five higher dormant chakras. There are many people who have everything else flowing except for a feeling of being stuck or penned in. Opening the upper chakras allows a greater harmony with the newer energies that are causing stress for so many. 

     Erik is constantly learning and trying to extend the possibilities of healing. He has been releasing miasms, which are the vibrational causes behind diseases (both genetic and from past lives). People are either born with the miasms or receive them through the environment. Miasms can range anywhere from lying dormant to manifesting full force as a disease. For example the TB and leprosy miasm are behind some of the flu epidemics and the polio miasm is behind being overweight. Newer miasms such as: radiation, heavy metals, aids, and petrochemical are effecting many people in lesser forms as well as full blown diseases. 

     People are also linked into the mass consciousness and freeing the inner bodies from that connection has been a very powerful experience for those who've had this work done. Erik feels clearing the glandular system is extremely important at this time. Having the major glands refined not only directly works on all the other body systems, but also fine tunes the spiritual inner planes. At this time many people's inner bodies are extremely stressed not only from a changed world since 9/11, but from the increased solar flares and other planetary considerations. The above mentioned modalities greatly assist people at this time, as well as receiving counseling and receiving feedback on what is happening on the inner and outer. 

     Erik often recommends powerful affirmations, simple movements or holding various hand positions to further the healing process. Throughout the entire healing session time, Erik is constantly connecting with the angels. People whose inner sight is opened have seen the angels doing their work. Using energy medicine, Erik always says he can promise nothing, but God can do anything. God can do miracles. We just need to ask.

Erik is also available to do healing and counseling  by telephone,
when he is at home in Mount Shasta and not touring.

Call (530) 224-0701 for information and scheduling.
Healing Articles


"You made a profound effect on my life. I didnt even realize how much till this morning. I feel like a whole new me like my lights have been switched back on. Thank you for the wonderful gift from God that you convey I am so greatful to you and also your beautiful music. My animals are truly mesmerised as am I. Even my unsocial kitty comes to listen."
~Gisela Spencer 

"My day has been one of such blessings and you and your wonderful angels get full credit. Not only do I feel better than I have in years but Things have changed so in just these few hours -a title we couldnt find came to light which means I could register my vehicle and the fine that I had to appear in court today for -well the judge came out and waived my fine and let me go. So I get to keep car and I saved the $80.00 for the fine. Then I was told of a job at UPS and just managed to make an interview. All in a day. I have you to thank for all this but more than this people are just randomly waiving at me on the road. Its incredible how my energy is so much improved. Even strangers notice the brightness. And this all in day one I can hardly wait for tomorrow. Thank you again Erik."
~Gisela Spencer

"I want to share with you my experience of the healing work that you are doing. When I asked you if you could work with me when I was sick I had no idea that the work would be so deep and long lasting. I was having a very difficult time breathing because of the flu and it brought up a great fear around being suffocated for me. This was a new experience for me, never before had I felt such an impact of negative energy in my chest around breathing. Your work lasted about half an hour and my coughing had stopped. My fears had dissipated. Two things happened. The first was, my fear never did return or the feeling of suffocation I had experienced. The second is more validation for the work that you are doing. I was being checked and evaluated by Steven Lewis, author of Sanctuary. His equipment that he has developed is making quite a stir in the world for a diagnosis and healing method. He checked me thoroughly and said that I was amongst the top five healthiest people he has ever checked with none of the usual inherited illnesses or patterns for them at all. Instead of signing up for his program I was told to come back for a check in six months. I didn't need his services. Thank you Erik for the work you have done with me, it shows and holds the test of time." 
~Paul White, Sound Engineer 

"I have been actively 'involved' with Healing for the past ten years, and I find I am speechless to describe the intensity, purity and profoundness of the healing session I recently had with Erik. I really couldn't do it alone and somehow with Erik's support, we broke 'the ties that bind' and I truly know the freedom coming as a result of that release of healing has touched my very soul."
~ Sharon Joy, Rebirther

"I wore a leg brace for thirty years due to my Cerebral Palsy. During Erik's healing, I experienced what it was like to walk normally for the first time without my brace. It was a moment I will never forget and will treasure for the rest of my life."
~ Pat Taylor, M.S. Speech-Language Pathologist

"Erik is a profound healer and being. His work penetrates to the core of essence with gentleness, integrity, empowerment, clarity and depth of knowledge. He is one of the most masterful healers serving on the planet today. I constantly refer people to him."
~ Solara, Visionary and Author of The Star-Borne and The 11:11

"Erik, you are the most effective and compassionate healer I have ever experienced. Your ability to aid an individual in the discovery and resolution of disease is a wonderful gift!"
~ Samuel Holland, President of the Foundation for the Recovery of Ancient Wisdom and Author of 'Meditation for Transformation'

"Erik's light and integrity as a healer touched such a pure level during our session. His work assisted me in a transformation shift and an opening of my heart!"
~ Carol Gentle, Clairvoyant Reader and Class Facilitator

"Your healing session was one of the never-to-be-forgotten experiences of my life. Your work assists one in touching the very deepest aspects of soul and spirit, inspiring profound wholeness and initiation into the very wellspring of creativity and love."
~ Shilea, Lightwork Practitioner

"Healer of Healers."
~ Kathleen Dayvolt, Video/Film Producer and Clairvoyant Healer

"What is it like to have a healing session with Erik? It's like all of your life you've been walking around with a huge thorn in your foot, not knowing what was wrong. Erik helps you pull the thorn out!"
~ Kapua Gregory, radio host, composer

"The last healing session was one of the most transformational experiences I have had. When you opened my eighth to twelfth chakras it felt like my body literally expanded energetically! In addition to the energetic area there was a significant emotional component which brought in so much peace and harmony and a true sense of well being. The next day I felt so much peace when the day before there had been so much turmoil surrounding my work. It felt like I had been in a cocoon and very contained and you released the cocoon to allow me to fly to new spaces that I had never experienced before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me move over these hurdles that would have taken years to accomplish on my own."
~Ginny Porter, Florida 

"I've been working with Erik for 10 years now, and there are many layers on the onion (person) to be peeled off. As I have quickened so has the intensity of "stuff" that needs to release. I actually had only one hour sessions for the first seven years I saw and knew him. Then the next person didn't arrive and I wasn't "done" so I took that extra time also. And then a friend, of Jacksonville, told me that she always had three hours and it seemed like a good idea to me.

What happens in a session with Erik? Nothing. Everything. He will call in the angels and if you want to tell him what's bothering you you may but I believe he prefers that the angels and God tell him what exactly is UP for you at the time. You may THINK you have an earache or an emotional problem or bad relationship but the angels may say the basis for most or your problems is something else. So Erik sits there and sometimes makes interesting sounds (last year another friend, told me they sound like dolphin noises) as he bulldozes the healing through the many levels of the being he is working on.

Sometimes he will utilize some new high-tech equipment -- my knees sometimes hurt and occasionally he'll point some interesting blue healing light -- or maybe it was red -- at it. Sometimes he uses other methods. But usually it's just Erik in communion with your Higher Self and the Angels and Heavenly Realms working through whatever needs fixing. No matter what you feel like everyone leaves feeling wonderful and with new, open and bright expressions on their faces. I know -- they were in my house last year and it was a pleasure to see the changes."
~ Linda Akin

Regarding Miasm Release
"Over the past ten months, I have been working with a practitioner who was removing 6 miasms from me. During this time I have had many physical symptoms and a lack of mental clarity. It felt as though the energy had gotten stuck at some level. In a private session with Erik, he confirmed that the miasmic energies were not gone. By using his unique and highly spiritual healing techniques, he was able to locate and remove the stuck energy for each one of the miasms. At the end of the session, I immediately felt lighter, clear-headed and balanced. You can't imagine my relief after struggling with these heavy energies for almost a year! Thank you, thank you, thank you Erik! ~D.B. R.N.

"Erik's insight and wise use of his gifts facilitated a release of Fear based beliefs and energy blocks within me. I feel very light and peaceful, my heart is filled with joy and compassion and my energy field is open and clear. Divine love is moving through me. Erik is truly a holy man and healer." ~Patty C., Holistic Wellness Corporation

"After experiencing many of your incredible healing sessions over the years, I had to write to let you know that the release you facilitated for severing all ties to the mass consciousness has to be the most awesome experience yet! For me to be clear from any emotional, mental, etheric or physical attachments associated with the mass consciousness is totally freeing. When I hung up from our session, I skipped through the house and felt like I had been released from prison. It is the most significant shift of energy I have ever experienced and there simply are no words to describe the feeling. I never realized how many aspects of my life were "hooked" into the mass consciousness. My sense is that abundance issues as well as every major negative emotion are all directly linked to these connections. I know that all the other sessions with you have prepared me for this experience and I feel so blessed that you are both a mentor and spiritual energetic healer for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~Ginny Porter 

"The DNA activation was the most indescribable thing to ever happen to me, because I went to God for the second time in my life. The first time was at the age of seven after a tonsillectomy. I was hemorrhaging. The surgeon had to pull a packing material from the back of my mouth. I remember Jesus or God holding me and telling me I would go back to Mommy soon, for I was to grow up and live a happy life, that I was a true child of God. I remember waking up in my hospital bed. I told Mommy I had gone to Jesus. When Erik did the DNA - the part where you were to go three feet above your head- was a recurrence of visiting God again. Being held just the same when I was seven and being told I am a 'child of God' and not to forget that. The white to gold light was so incredible it almost knocked me out of my seat. This was a wonderful gift from God." ~VeraJane Hurlbritt, Florida

ďThank you again for the most powerful personal session! I am so happy I took my chance to book a session with you. Itís now two weeks later, and my (chronically) lower back pain hasnít returned, even while I had to carry four heavy suitcases on and from the plane! When you worked with my back in the session, I suddenly began to feel a shift. I could not speak at that moment, but first I noticed a great joy coming over me, then I felt I started breathing in my lower back, which at first created pain, as I never breath into that area. It just happened automatically. Next, I felt strong physical jolting in my upper back and a strong flow of energy started to move upward from my tailbone up through my spine, and all the pain disappeared. It was an amazing and extremely strong experience. When you later worked with me while lying on my back, a strong vision came to me: an eagle flew towards me and then changed into an opening in the sky, through which I entered in some unknown world. It felt as some kind of an initiation. Thank you for the loving, concentrated and respectful session. It was marvelous!Ē
~Jeroen Kuyper, clinical psychologist, the Netherlands