Preparation: How to prepare for a healing session with Erik

     The following suggestions are presented to help you prepare for your session with Erik and to maximize the benefit to you.

     After working with Erik over the past several years and helping many people organize their agendas for his sessions, I know the key for maximizing each session is the preparation beforehand. The following ideas may help you to focus on your own situation prior to the appointment and help you as much as they have helped me and others.


     Erik is the most incredible spiritual healer I have ever met or heard about and while he is awesome in his gifts, he is NOT a mind reader. He does receive amazing guidance about specific situations; however, it is always much better to spend some time prior to each session simply thinking about exactly what you want to accomplish.

     I treat every minute as a gift as the healing energies and divine guidance of the ascended masters, angels and God flow through him to everyone with whom he works. The key is to prepare adequately for each session. The other important point is to realize that each of us is an energetic onion with many layers. It is far more important to address and release a few very important priorities in one session and then address the next highest priorities in subsequent sessions. As each "layer of the onion" is cleared, you will feel significantly "lighter" and you will be transforming your entire being into your light body.

     The value of the experience is far more important than whatever he charges because I know those of us who experience this work are being drawn to him to accelerate our own spiritual path dramatically. The sessions will allow you to leap frog from wherever you are currently ahead by years on your path.


     Provide some time in your schedule to go within yourself and identify as much as possible the most significant issues that you are facing at the time. Allow yourself the freedom to brainstorm your own situation.


     Simply make a list of things that bother you about yourself or others. Remember that every person or situation you face is a mirror for what is happening inside of you.


     To develop the list, think about emotions that you have that surface, i.e., anger, fear, depression, anxiety, guilt, grief, confusion etc. If these emotions are connected with an individual or situation just write that individual or situation down and allow yourself to be completely honest without regard to judgment for feeling whatever is surfacing in your consciousness. Sometimes people feel so much guilt surrounding a feeling or person that they inhibit themselves from getting in touch with the emotion. ( Do not allow yourself to fall into that trap)


     Think about people who are creating stress for you at this time. Write down their names and once again do not try to prioritize them at first just write down what comes into your consciousness.


     Many people have abundance issues and if this is true for you write it down. If abundance issues started at a particular point try to identify when a shift may have happened for you. Identify your mindset about abundance and the concept you have about money. For example, do you believe you deserve abundance and is that realistically attainable to you? (Of course abundance is attainable to everyone; however, it is important to consider your own belief system) Erik has been extremely helpful with abundance issues and in fact conducts fabulous workshops on abundance.


     Think about your own journey, what do you want to accomplish in regard to receiving your own guidance, awakening your gifts, opening your chakras to allow these energy centers to support your spiritual path completely.

     I ALWAYS ask if there is a karmic situation that can be cleared during the session. Erik is truly awesome in identifying karmic binds and releasing them for you. This is a very important area and every karmic release is truly a gift from God. If there is a karmic bind and he has permission to release it, Erik can lift the karmic debt that you may have been carrying for many lifetimes during a session.

     Some karmic binds are obvious, for example, when you are inextricably connected with an individual and can not seem to separate yourself even though you know the relationship is no longer for your highest good. Many karmic binds; however, are subtle and to be on the safe side it is better to ask Erik at the time if there is one present.


     After writing down various lists prior to each session, I always look at all of the lists and prioritize the questions for discussion to make certain the ones with the highest emotional charge for me are answered first.

     I also have a page with the questions on the left and space provided to the right of the issue or question to be addressed as well as space below for his answers. Sometimes the information seems so clear at the time and yet once the session is over, you tend to forget some very important details if they are not written down.

     Each person has their own agenda or expectations for their lifeís journey and no matter what that goal is, you will benefit from this work. Many people specifically want help in easing a relationship or health related issue while others want to focus on the long term aspects of their spiritual path. Every personís journey is unique and every path will eventually end at the same place. If you are specifically interested in eclipsing obstacles on your spiritual path, I have included a couple additional comments below.

     As mentioned previously this work is the most transformational experience I believe that is available to us and your preparation for each session is truly the key for maximizing the benefit to you.

     Remember that your own spiritual transformation is a process and the value from these sessions will be cumulative. There will be an incredible accumulative impact that you will notice as the healing process transforms your entire being into a light body and you are attuned with your guides, angels and God. Your intuition will be substantially increased as your inner gifts awaken more fully and you will wonder what life was like before you met Erik.

Many blessings filled with love and light, Ginny