Angel Flight was conceived at the Great Pyramid of Gizeh where Christoph Hausmann met and invited Erik Berglund to come to Germany and do a recording. While on a concert tour of Germany and Switzerland, Erik joined Christoph in what used to be a Nazi headquarters, now transformed into a recording studio and light center. The resulting collaboration of Erik on harp with Christoph on synthesizer resulted in an album originally titled Project Earth which is now re-mastered , re-titled and repackaged as Angel Flight.

     "My praise for this album goes beyond words. It is a must have for those interested in the healing meditative or journeying arts."
~ Sage Rishi, The Awareness Journal

     "This album heals the soul, and speaks to musical ears that cherish our planet."
~ Rich Babl, The Book Reader

     "An achingly beautiful series of musical healings . . . highly recommended."
~ Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer

     "This music makes your heart melt. It's my absolute favorite of all of Erik's music."
~ Aeoliah, New Age composer, Visionary Artist

     "A powerful spiritual experience."
~ Carol Wright, NAPRA Trade Journal

     "For over forty two minutes, this reviewer sat almost spellbound...if joy had a sound, it would be Angel Flight."
~Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews


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1. Angel Call



Total Time: 42:13
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2. Reunion



3. Remembrance

4. Alignment

5. Angel Flight

6. Journey Home

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