Keys of Romance

Keys of Romance

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     Keys of Romance is an album of piano music produced by Erik Berglund. Scott Rhodes, formerly known as Scott Perkins, has performed on the synthesizer with Erik in concerts in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Greece, as well as through out the United States. Scott grew up in Berkeley, California and now resides in Mount Shasta. Keys of Romance is Scott's debut piano album with the synthesizer orchestration of Paul Avgerinos.

     "Filled with heart opening piano augmented with gorgeous synthesizer orchestration, this is music for romantic in all of us. For those special occasions when only the most beautiful music available will do."
~ Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer

     "Spellbinding piano melodies just right for a quiet summer night."
~ Rich Babl, The Book Reader

     "Keys of Romance succeeds gracefully by planting peaceful thoughts through the serenity of sound."
~ Time And A Word

     "Keys of Romance is a delight, pure and simple. The original music has a charm and sincerity all it's own. And Mr. Rhodes' performance is flawless. This reviewer heartily recommends Keys of Romance to anyone who has romance in their soul or wants it. Keys of Romance is perfect!"
~ Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews


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1. Longing

Total Time: 43:48
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2. Across Time

3. The Beloved



4. By Your Side



5. Stream of Essence

6. Gentle One

7. Taking Flight

8. Echo of Dawn

9. Into Light

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