Elysium - Angelic Voices of Elysium

Elysium - Angelic Voices of Elysium

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     Elysium, known through legend as the Heaven Realm of Ancient Greece, is the point of outpouring of angelic energies through music. The Garden of the Heart begins a spiritual journey through angelic planes culminating in the grand procession of angels, all carrying torches of light into the earth as Heralds of the New Dawn. Woven throughout this tapestry are angelic voices singing the forgotten language of the angels: music unfettered by the separation caused by words. This unique recording combine's angelic singing mixed with sensitive harp, flute and synthesizer, ideal for moving into new spaces of healing and inspiration. "Some of the most restful and inspiring music ever recorded." 'P.J. Birosik'

     ~ PJ Birosk, New Age Retailer "You don't have to die to experience the ecstasy of heaven!"
~ Carol Wright, NAPRA Trade Journal

     "more angelic sounds than this are rare indeed!"
~ Lloyd Barde, Heartbeats

     "Elysium  is Erik's finest music ever! It is powerful and inspiring!"
~Solara, Author of the Star-Borne

     "Elysium is the music of the angels. It awakened my soul. It will do the same for you."
~ Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews


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1. Garden of the Heart



Total Time: 45:11
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Cassette $10.00

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2. Angel Prayer

3. Star Memories

4. Angel Lullaby

5. Awakening

6. Ancient Voices

7. Herald of the New Dawn



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