Harp Music for Children

Harp Music for Children

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   Harp Music for Children is a compilation of pieces from five of Erik Berglundís CDs that are the most peaceful and soothing. All the pieces have been remastered with Bio-Sound Technology infused with Lemurian crystal energy which contribute to the seamless glow of the music. Spirit of the Healing Waters was rerecorded with the magic of Scott Rhodes on synthesizer. At a time of uncertainty and stress in the world, the inner child within us all needs peace. Lullabies have been sung and played to children from the dawn of time. The power of music to transport us to the land of dreams, is more important now than ever, especially for children. These heart touching melodies, played on the soothing strings of the harp ease us into the world of safety, letting go and deep inner calm. The music is ideal for going to sleep for both children and adults, and can also be used for massage, meditation and wherever peace is needed.

This CD could also be titled Harp Music to Soothe the Soul. Each piece has been chosen for its deeply calming qualities which relieves stress while producing a profound sense of inner peace. This music serves as a beautiful lullaby embracing a loving space of dreamy consciousness.

Harp Music for Children includes ten of the most relaxing pieces taken from five of Berglundís CDís. In essence this collection is the ďBest of Erik BerglundĒ for creating a state of serenity and peace. While the CD is wonderful for children, it is much more. There is a child in everyone that wants to feel secure and nurtured and this music meets that need. 

Playing this music also creates a wonderfully soothing effect on the environment and everyone present. Being immersed in the angelic tones of the harp, feels as though a gentle music masseuse is dissolving the web of mental worry and stress, opening the doorway of the soul.

This music must come from the music of the spheres for it is not of this world. 
Reviewed by Ginny Porter


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01: Angel Song

Total Time: 55:58
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02: Angel of Hope

03: Star Memories

04: Angel Lullaby

05: Angel of Innocence

06: Heart Reflection



07: Angel Beauty
08: Blue Lotus
09: Spirit of the Healing Waters



10: Lotus Reflection

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