Harp of the Healing Waters

Harp of the Healing Waters

Oreade Top seller rank 8 out of 10 - 2010

Harp of the Healing Waters leads the listener on a mystical, peaceful journey through the purifying and nurturing element of healing waters. The magic of the harp in poignant, soothing melodies combined with strings, flute, cello, and special effects creates a recording ideal for meditation, massage, relaxation, and healing work. "Can honestly be considered one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating recordings available on the market today."
~ La Vie Naturelle

     "Harp of the Healing Waters strikes deep within the core of my being. It allows emotions to be processed in a safe and loving environment. I use it with all my clients, from the most conservative corporate person to the sensitive artist, with amazing results."
~ Dorothy Ganie, Massage & Aromatherapist

     "In every age of human history, the harp has been considered the most heavenly of instruments, the bringer of peace and healing. Of all the New Age artists seeking to evoke these qualities, no one has succeeded quite so well as Erik Berglund does here."
~ The Lynd Institute

     "Perfect for relaxing, for massage and meditation, for establishing a tranquil mood. For embracing the purity and power of nature's waters."
~ Rich Babl, The Book Reader

Stories with Erik's Music


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1. Gateway



Total Time: 46:22
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2. Wishing Well

3. Sea of Dreams

4. Waters of Remembrance

5. Lake of Enchantment

6. Spirit of the Healing Waters

7. Lotus Reflection



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