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Endless Light:          

     Endless Light is a remastered musical journey with more vocals and special frequencies added to enrich the experience of luminous light. Erik Berglund's Irish harp and voice combine with the rich synthesizer orchestration of Lumin to create a world of shimmering beauty, sensitivity and majesty.

   Endless Light is your ticket to a journey through the celestial realms. From the first notes of Erik Berglund’s harp you know this music is extraordinary. As you continue to listen you can feel yourself being drawn into the vast reservoir of the oneness of all there is. Your physical response is one of merging and blending with this music of the higher octaves. There is no longer any sense of separation and you become one with the music…almost as if the sounds of the harp are playing your soul.

The Endless Light CD is almost like a teacher and it is calling that inner wisdom within the listener who recognizes these melodies at a deep soul level as ones from the higher realms that have been heard before. These pieces remind you of your true home and you feel that a celestial musician is beckoning you, lifting you further than you have ever allowed yourself to go before.

Erik’s voice on the first track is truly the voice of an angel and those sounds are like a sacred flame opening your heart and bridging it with the mind; filling your entire being with the realization of divine love. After listening to Endless Light several times, I realized that each time it was as if new “grooves” were being created in my consciousness and the experience was gloriously cumulative. 

Part of the wonder of this music is the rich synthesizer accompaniment by Lumin with cellos, strings, flutes, oboe, men’s chorus and children’s choir. Using frequency modulated resonant processing the sound comes alive making each note of the harp sound like liquid light.

If you are ready, take this journey with Erik into the higher realms and octaves of your own soul and realize its beauty, love and purity that has been waiting to express through you. If this is the time, Endless Light certainly provides that opportunity.
Reviewed by Ginny Porter

Endless Light is an Agnahotra Yoga Fire

With his new CD, "Endless Light" © 2004, Erik Berglund brings to life Gabriel, the messenger archangel of God Herself. The first selection, "Endless Light" is filled with several rushing, cascading waterfalls -- performed by Berglund on his Douglas Irish Harp. My soul leaps with joy and my energy centers respond with goose bumps deep within my being as Erik's harp and his well-practiced tenor sound of God, "Ahhhhh", reach deep within and without the particles of my being.

"Realms of Splendor," the second cut, starts out with passionate sounds of light . . . somewhat like a musical spiral staircase that goes round and round forever . . . calmly moving the energy of light across one's body, mind, spirit --changing the atmosphere of where you are and everywhere. Listening to "Endless Light" is reminiscent of burning Agnahotra Yoga fires . . . a metamorphosis occurs on all levels, everywhere.

The 61:01 minute two-cut recording is more healing than his "Elysium" © 1994 and sparkles like my all-time Berglund favorite, "Harp of the Healing Waters" © 1990. While 'The whole world will change' when it hears "Angel Chants" © 2000, "Endless Light" will twinkle forever with the changing dynamics of Mother Earth and the Universe. Thank you, Erik. When I'm with you, your music, energy and spirit, I feel closer to God.
Linda Akin, Writer, Editor, Website Designer, Daytona Beach, Florida

"I want to thank you for your fantastic uplifting music !!! It is unbelievably beautiful! I just can't stop crying out of joy!!!"
Boris Kotsin, Israel

"The most beautiful (of your CDs) was Endless Light! Just amazing! It spoke directly to my heart and it was like making contact 'back home!' I forgot the world outside. Many different colors appeared in my living-room. Absolutely magic! "
Sabine from Germany

“This music is very healing and one of his best work in my opinion. “ 
Joe Bushior

“My favorite (CD) at the moment is "Endless light". My garden and the wildlife love this music and I feel like they are swinging when I play them.” Kiyoko, Australia 


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