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Erik in Concert with Scott Rhodes DVD:
Erik Berglund, singer, harpist, healer and workshop facilitator combines his energy with Scott Rhodes on the keyboard for a concert performance at the 2010 SHAPE Retreat of Michael and Raphaelle Tamura in Mount Shasta, California on October 30, 2010. The two and a half hour wide screen program includes several of the most requested vocals of Erik including the Bird Song, Lemurian Lament, and To Where You Are. The program was recorded by Sahadev and edited, mixed and mastered by master sound engineer, Lumin.

The program brings beauty, inspiration, humor and healing energies to bless you and your world.

"Your DVD is amazingly wonderful. It is a clear and distinct wave of Love that refreshes me.... very sweet and very tangible too. Thanks for creating this!"  Steu Mann Mt. Shasta

"We received your DVD and love it. It's so great to see you two in concert and I enjoyed your sense of humor."  Werner Muller Switzerland

"I want to THANK YOU for sending the DVD and to let you know that I watched many times the DVD and is so wonderful, so uplifting! I am very Grateful for being able to watch it over and over again, you and Scott are both Perfect together. Awesome! Mihai Spatariu Spain

" I recognize that this DVD is truly a gift of Spirit and for me, it is like a mandala of light that is created through each piece and the words between the music are very important in bridging that mandala for the listener. It is the words that help the person integrate and grasp the experience itself and then at the end there is such a sense of freedom and joy when they let go and are lifted up in that glorious finale. At that moment the opportunity exists for the person to "see" that a new world is possible, the door has been opened, and the time is NOW. What more can anyone possibly ask for than such an experience?" Ginny Porter

Concert Program

Part 1

Part 2

Start 9 seconds Start of part 2 sample
Light Prayer sample Angel of the Morningstar sample
St. Francis Prayer sample Archangel Chant sample
Angel Beauty sample Deep Within sample
Lemurian Lament sample Trees sample
Blue Lotus sample The Bird Song sample
For Always sample Healing Light sample
Gateway sample Ave Maria sample
Healing Angels sample The Prayer sample
Spirit of the Healing Waters sample You Raise Me Up sample
Hands sample If We Only Have Love sample
Jain Healing Mantra #45 sample Peace sample
To Where You Are sample  

Some browsers, right click link to save as or download.  Sample aprox 23 megs and about an hour download via 56k modem.  File format is mp4 widescreen and samples are 30 seconds aprox. 

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