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Chant of Miracles is an ancient Sanskrit chant from 800 BC combined with a new melody by Erik Berglund to create miracles in your life. This Jain chant is number 45 of 48 healing mantras called Manatunga's Bhaktamara Stotra. Number 45 is the most powerful of the mantras and its intention is to cure the incurable diseases. Through out the ages many people have had powerful miracles with this chant. In India Dr. Manju Jain has assisted many clients with miracles by use of this chant. Erik met Dr. Jain in India who taught him the Sanskrit and requested he make this recording. Erik has combined his singing with the mastery of sound wizard Lumin to make a magical recording rich in textures and layers of cosmic sounds in which the healing frequencies are embedded into the CD. Bathe yourself in this sea of power sound and create your miracles!

Since learning the chant, Erik has performed it at his concerts. One teenager in Bucharest Romania who is nearly blind but whose inner sight is open, saw the whole auditorium where Erik was performing turn to light when he sang the chant. There are many stories with this chant. One man was in jail and about to be executed the next morning. He chanted the mantra with all his energy feeling this was the last thing he would do in this life. Then his jailer came unlocking his cell and allowing him to go free. Dr. Jain has had many people cured by singing the chant including healing cancer. Dr. Jain recommends chanting the mantra for 21 days, and at least 9 times per day. You can join your voice with Erik or you can just be surounded with the ancient sounds that can create miracles.

"It put me right into a trance like state." Werner Muller, Switzerland

"Beautiful chant! Really transforming" Constance Demby New Age Musician

"Listening to Chant of Miracles I had goose bumps from head to toe
(literally!) Thank you for your Light Work and healing." Renate Collins, California

"I am learning the Jain mantra from the CD. Miracles! Every time I am listening it is so calming, helps me and transports me to other
dimensions. I used it in the Yoga class and it was a succes!" Mihai
Spatariu Spain

"Ive received the CD exactely the day when my husband go out of the hospital. He had one operation to can dialisis at home, because their kidneys have one genetic problem and they fonction only 3%. I give him the CD exactlely the better day for him, because he was praying, at this moment, for one miracle. When he saw the title he was surprised for the "syncronicity." He love a lot this CD and I hope he will have his miracle before the doctors prepared the change of one of his kidneys in two years,
more or less. I love also this CD." Carmen Arroyo Spain


Sanskrit Text:

Phoenetically it looks like:

Udbhuta bhishana jalodara bhara bhuganah,
Shochyam dasha mupagataschyuta jivitashah
Twat pada pankaja rajomrita digdha-deha,
Martya bhavanti makara dhwaja tulya-rupa

Oo da boota bee shanah
Jal o dara bhahra bhugnah
So cheeyam dashah moopah gah tah
Shut-tah jee vee tah shah.

Twata pada pankaja
Rajoh mrita dehgdha deh hah 
Martyah bhahvantee makara 
Dhwaja toolyah roopa.

Total Time: 60:04 minutes EOB 70010


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: Chant of Miracles



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