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     Erik’s newest CD combines his positive spoken words with his angelic music to transform any negativity of our current times to bring in a beautiful, safe, wonderful world. The CD can be listened to feeling every word or it can be played at a low volume just to bring in positive vibrations into the environment. The goal is for all of us to create a beautiful paradigm of paradise for our earth.

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“This is a master prayer like a gigantic comet taking each of us to our own prayer of vision.” 
~ Adam Christopher, Visionary

“This is the best vocal/musical production that you have composed. It is absolutely beautiful!”
~ Joyce Johnson, Earth Healer

“Creating Paradise takes me right up into the Angelic Realms. I am embraced by the blissful love of the angels. When I do Erik’s meditation every day, I feel like I have really done my part to help our planet and all life on it. I hope you’ll join me with this CD.” 
Rose Messenger, M . A. Author of The Handbook for the New Humanity


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