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     Erik's newest CD includes positive healing words combined with music to enhance the healing process. Accompanied by his own angelic harp music, Erik speaks heartfelt, inspirational words to reinforce a mind and heart open for healing. Whether listening to every word or gently playing in the background, this CD allows the subconscious mind to enter a positive space to connect with the healing energy of God and the angels. While in no way making claims for healing, (for that see your doctor) what is exciting is the wonderful events that have happened to people who have heard this recording. People have reported getting back on the spiritual path, stopping smoking and healing their deepest core issues after hearing this

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"The meditations and affirmations really help. At the times most needed the reaffirming with music is so powerful. I use Creating Healing every night for hours as I sleep. Bravo Erik, bravo!"
~ Sunstar

"When I heard this CD every cell in my body relaxed and let go, releasing
all pain."
~ Noni Richardson, Canada

"I played this CD once and it changed my life."
~ Scott Rhodes

“After I heard "Creating Healing", I realized that it is "Angel Healing" (which I listen to often) With the addition of your audible affirmations. I was so touched and full of Joy after listing to both albums! It was as though “Angel Healing” and “Creating Healing” were two sides of one coin. To use a mathematical term, it is squared! What a powerful and effective combination! Please continue to touch us and bless us with your music as God has blessed you!” Joan Garcia


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