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Finalist for Best New Age Music of the tenth Annual Visionary Awards.

     Angel Paradise is Erik's newest CD that is perfect for healing and massage work. It is designed to bring in the comfort and safety of the angels so important in this time of change. It is produced by the Monroe Institute which utilizes Hemi-Sync frequencies promoting whole-brain states of consciousness. Erik has long used their CDs and is thrilled to have one of his CDs on their label. To learn more about Hemi-Sync, go to 

The CD combines Erik's harp with the wonderful orchestration of John Mazzei. It is the first time he has had one long continuous composition instead of many smaller pieces. This allows the listener to remain in one cocoon of energy. It is ideal for healing practitioners as it is exactly 59 minutes and can be used to time an hour session. So whether for healing or relaxing, here is your chance to leave the cares of the world and enter the world of Angel Paradise.

     "Angel Paradise's musical ministrations of LOVE immediately caught my attention. The CD assists me to regain balance and reminds me who I AM when I play it because I'm needing Paradise, and does other things to my being when play it at other times."
~ Linda Akin


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Total Time: 56:00
CD $16.00

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