Angelic Harp Music

Angelic Harp Music

Oreade Top seller rank 6 out of 10 - 2010

Angelic Harp Music
is a devotional offering to the angelic kingdom whose unabounding love, mercy, compassion and grace are musically expressed through the original compositions performed and composed by Erik Berglund. Each piece is arranged and produced by Aeoliah with rich orchestral strings, flute, angelic choir and special digital sound effects that bring a new dimension to the world of harp music.

     "This has to be one of the most relaxing releases I've come across in all my years of reviewing music. He transports us to a realm of such beauty and splendor that it can cause your heart to melt."
~ Lucky Clark, Halo Magazine

     "Angel of Innocence is an enchanting melody that evokes distant memories of childhood and gets my vote as one of the finest New Age melodies ever recorded."
~ Ken Gruen, New Frontier Magazine

     "I find Angelic Harp Music to be one of the most fluid emotional and widely accessible releases I've heard in some time."
~ Geoff Workman, Network Marketing


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1. Angel of Hope

Total Time: 45:11
CD $16.00
Cassette $10.00

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2. Angel of Innocence



3. Angel of the Wind

4. Angel of Heaven's Gate

5. Angel of the Healing Waters

6. Angel of Dreams

7. Angel of the Morningstar



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