Angel Beauty

Angel Beauty

     Angel Beauty is a deeper immersion into the world of the angels to carry their spiritual currents to the people of Earth. Through music the angels touch humanity's emotions which are presently going through major transformation. This music is designed to assist in soothing and healing those parts of us that need more love, joy, compassion, faith and trust."The harp is heaven's instrument, and Erik Berglund must have a direct line to channel such radiance!"
~ Carol Wright, NAPRA Trade Journal

     "Angel Beauty gets a strong recommendation as one of the best and most beautiful releases of 1993"
~ Ken Green, New Frontier

     "From the first day we played it, Angel Beauty has been our best seller, we have to reorder it constantly."
~ Rev. Mary Lynn Clark, Owner of Inner Light Healing Center

     "This reviewer obviously loves the music and I excitedly recommend it for all healing purposes, as well as exploring deep soul memories."
~ Easter, Heartsong Review

     "Here is music of beauty, soaring wings, mercy, light and the healing of the Lord. Emotionally calming, soothing, satisfying."
~ Rich Babl, The Book Reader


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1. Shining Ones

Total Time: 40:45
CD $16.00
Cassette $10.00

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2. Blue Lotus

3. Angel Beauty

4. Seraphic Host

5. Soaring Wings



6. Angels of Mercy

7. Angel Light

8. Cherubim

9. Lord Come and Heal the World



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