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Angel Chants Remastered:

This soul stirring recording features layers of vocals sung as Gregorian chants and choirs in Gothic cathedrals invoking the archangels, angels and healing. It is newly remixed and remastered with Bio-Resonant Processing by Lumin White to invoke the Angels with even more power, love and grace.

"Your ANGELS CHANTS record is really fantastic. Also, I think it marks a beginning of a new style of New Age music which is sorely needed. A thousand Blessings and thank you also for giving us the gift of those marvelous notes."
Juan Carlos Garcia, Composer.

"It turns out that Berglund has a heavenly voice to match his heavenly harp. After the 55 minute CD is over, you'll likely be so blissed out you may find it an effort to move."
Steve Ryals-New Age Retailer

"ANGEL CHANTS puts you into a spiritual trance within a few moments of listening to this fine recording. Erik's beautiful angelic voice and compositions invoke deep reverence and love for the Angelic Kingdom. Angel Chants expands our own capacity to open our hearts and radiate more love and compassion for all life. I put this CD on repeat for hours when I want to create a resonant mood of deep reverence and peace in my home. It truly sanctifies the space. Everyone who hears this music will receive many blessings from the Angelic Kingdom."
Aeoliah , recording and visionary artist

" Angel Chants by Erik Berglund is a masterful recording! This music provides a direct link to the angelic dimensions. Every time this CD is played, angels come and miracles begin to happen.

This CD acts as an angelic gateway to the higher dimensions and you feel the presence of angels almost immediately around the room in which it is being played. At times you feel their physical presence as they literally swirl around your body. People who are clairvoyant have actually seen the angels flowing in to enjoy the music when it is played.
After listening to this music you are aware that your very being has been irrevocably altered by the miraculous gifts of the angels and it will be difficult to imagine your life before Angel Chants became a part of your psyche. Thank you Erik and thank you angels.
Ginny Porter, Mount Shasta Magazine

It is a rare soul who comes into our lifetime and possesses the resonance of the higher realms that can instantly create peace, harmony and joyousness within. Such a soul is Erik Berglund. His dedication to the angelic kingdom and his deeply spiritual conviction that God can do anything are embedded harmoniously within the sound tracks. His Angel Chants CD has been used worldwide to assist with profound healings, fine-tuning the chords of your heart. The evocation for the archangels is a profound spiritual experience as the seven archangels are invited into your presence. This latest release is a departure from his six other CD's as it presents Erik's classical voice training in a unique pattern of layered chants. This is a CD you will want to play continuously whenever you want to create an environment of love, joy and tranquility.

Diana Burney, Jacksonville, Fl

"Listening to "Angel Chants' softly on continuous play all night on July 14, the day it arrived, I had the first full night's sleep I'd had in years. It's on every night now (and many days as well). I am sleeping in
4-5 hour pieces, instead of waking up every hour or two. I feel positive changes within on many levels because of the angelic journeys to other realms I am making consistently because of Erik Berglund's wonderful and loving Angel Chants."

Linda Akin, Editor

"If everyone played Angel Chants the whole world would change."
Scott Rhodes, Musician.

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1. Archangel Chant


Total Time: 55:18
CD $16.00

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2. Angel Chant


3. Healing Angels


4. Sweet Angels


5. Archangel Reprise