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Creating Abundance:  

     If you have wondered how to increase the flow of abundance in your life, look no further than this new CD. The secrets of manifestation are shared for anyone who is sincerely interested in acquiring the consciousness of financial security. It is as easy … or as difficult as becoming one with the Infinite Supply of all there is. If you are ready, Erik shows you the way with God and the angels. This CD is like attending the most powerful abundance workshop available and comes out of the many years of Erik’s workshops of abundance he has given all over the world. He is a master of helping people attain abundance in their lives and when you listen to his powerful affirmations, you are offered the opportunity to embrace this new consciousness also. It will awaken within you the realization of your unlimited abundance that was always there but was waiting simply for you to know HOW TO CLAIM IT. After listening to these empowering messages, you will now know. The truth, as Erik shares, is that you may have all the supply that your consciousness may sustain and it is your birthright. You now can learn how to release all the false beliefs surrounding your finances and in fact, how to become a magnet for that which you desire. 

     In addition to the financial area, this CD also provides you with the opportunity to transform your life in many ways by manifesting freedom, peace, balance, joy and letting go of the fears associated with lack and limitation of other areas of your life too. Erik has for many years been known as a master of helping people manifest miracles in their lives and this production reflects the depth of that extensive experience.

     Several of Erik’s most beautiful harp pieces are heard in the background and serve to lift the listener to the state of awareness where the realization of abundance may be known. The combination of the illuminating messages and magnificent music is so pleasurable to listen to that it could easily be heard many times and understandably work on the subconscious mind where enlightenment and the new concepts of abundance are realized. It is almost as if the words are laying down new grooves in the mind for outer manifestation of exactly what you have sought and did not understand how to manifest. 

     Transforming your life with God and the angels and attaining the secrets of manifesting a life of abundance, freedom, joy, peace…whatever you have been seeking becomes your reality as you embrace the concept of your eternally available supply. Whatever your specific goal may be, the way is shown for you to strengthen your understanding of how to become a receptive vessel or conduit for manifesting prosperity or any other desire. 

     Everyone will receive some inner gift from listening to the messages of this CD. It will truly unlock the doors specifically for increasing your abundance as well as awakening your consciousness in many other areas. These messages are truly the secrets of those who are masters of abundance in the financial area as well as all aspects of their lives.

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     "This beautifully recorded CD is 56 minutes of nonstop illumination and was recorded at a sacred vortex of light near Mt. Shasta, California."
~ Reviewed by Ginny Porter

     "Your new CD for abundance is fantastic!!!
I recommend it for everyone....!!!!! " Boris Kotsin, Israel

     "I just finished a healing session with my mother, using your Abundance CD...Wow... It was so uplifting! She was so happy and full of energy! Your voice gives a lot of energy. It is like a magnet, attracting much more light. It is very, very powerful! People need this CD, everyone! It carries a fresh breath of light and transformation!"
~ Boris Kotsin, Israel

     "I couldn't live without this CD. Whenever I feel pressure I put it on and
it calms me right down!" 
Joyce Johnson, Sacramento, California

"Your "Abundance CD" is one of my best tools in my spiritual tool box." Walter Woerle
Walter Woerle's special way of listening to Creating Abundance

  1. I listen to it in the morning hours when I wake-up at 04:45 a.m., because I can still use my altered conciousness from the dream state.

  2. I listen to it not word by word, but I follow your harp music and only emotionalize the contents of your words in a more generalized way. A very detailed and precise emotion process would involve too much intellectual matter from the mental body. My aim is to work with the emotional body effectively, and therefore the body must "sleep" deeply (because it's the twin-brother of the emotional body and they are fully/detailed connected within each other) and the mental body must be involved only as far as it is necessary to perceive some "mirroring signals" from the "outer world".

You have no idea, how electrified the body becomes after a while and how deeply refreshed you can wake-up after the full length of the CD.

Thanks again for your work done. This type of CD is a new invention to me, because I can reach much deeper levels of myself than with other meditation CDs I had before (and I have a lot!).
~ Best regards, Walter Woerle


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