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Oreade Top seller rank 5 out of 10 - 2010

Angel Healing combines Erikšs harp with the wonderful orchestration of John Mazzei. One continuous composition allows the listener to remain in a sustained cocoon of energy. It is ideal for healing practitioners as it is exactly 59 minutes and can be used to time an hour session. It is also ideal for meditation, relaxation and creating the feeling of being surrounded by angels. It is the exact same music as Angel Paradise without the Hemi-Sync. It has been beautifully remastered with the expertise of Lumin.

"He seems able to channel the music of the angels and has created some of the most musical and original sounds of our time" 
~ Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer

"When I first listened to Angel Healing, I felt like crying and smiling at the same time. Sometimes I giggled merrily. Then I settled into a deep connection with my divine self and floated happily through the rest of the CD." 
~ Leanne Krause -Silverlining Designs


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