Message From Erik
Love Light and Hope

Message from Erik

Greetings! We are in such an amazing time on earth! Such a time of change! After touring India, I am now home recording, doing sessions, meditating and preparing special helps for the times we are in. I have prepared a guided meditation with Lauren Galey (who has facilitated my webinars) for moving through Dec. 21 that will be broadcast on Dec. 21 along with other presenters.  Also I did an interview with Lauren on Dec. 21 possibilities along with the meditation so you can connect ahead of time to help prepare. It is a meditation to totally connect with the angels and with their help connect to all the new energies perfectly balanced and then mirror it out to the rest of your world and the earth. (   and/or )

I am giving a Dec. 12-12 retreat with my friend Troika here in Mt. Shasta.
We will pull out all the stops to prepare us for the coming times. It is still possible to join us! ( )
From that time, conditions will escalate.

I have just redone Angel Chants adding new parts and remastering it with wonderful healing angelic frequencies. It has come out wonderful! It should be a big help in moving through the changes. Check the website for when it is ready. And almost ready coming in early 2013 is my new vocal CD with Scott Rhodes playing keyboards with me. It has many of the pieces we have been performing live in the last few years. It is also a goose bump CD that should be very helpful in the times we are going through.

In spring 2013 I will be on the east coast and Europe. This summer I will again be doing many events in Mt. Shasta, a very special place to be in these times. In the Fall I'll be back in India.

I wish you all the most wonderful shifts and changes with ease and grace!

Love and blessings!


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