I have just had feedback from people who feel they know my mother through my telling stories of her in my concerts and workshops through the years, particularly when I sing the Bird Song. Often, in fact when I go to another country, the first words people ask me are not how are you, but how is your mother? For those of you who remember my speaking of her, here is her story.

My mom just made her transition. She was 98 and ready to go. On the inner planes she has gone to a beautiful place. I got to be at her memorial service and sing the Bird Song one last time for her as well as give a final memorial concert in Minnesota. She was like a hidden saint. Through out my life people have told me she was the best person they had ever met, that she had the most beautiful voice they had ever heard. Even in a wheel chair, not even able to get up to go to the toilet, if someone was in pain, they would wheel my mom to them, she would take their hand, and they would stop crying. Her last words were "I love you all, and now it is time for me to go."

I am fine and grateful she could go. When it is our time to go, may we each leave as beautiful or even more, memories of love and a life well lived.