Erik Berglund's Memorial

To Erik's Family and Friends,

Our beloved Erik has passed. He departed peacefully and without pain at 12:20 pm on Sept 2nd after a week in the hospital. He blessed us all with his beautiful inspired and heartfelt music. His final words were of love.

"Love is important. Love is everything."

A Post Script to Erik's Memorial:

Thank you to all who joined together in body and spirit to create the beautiful crescendo of transcendent love that was Erik's Memorial Service. A film will be available soon as a 2 DVD set.

It was his wish that, in his words, his "musical legacy be completed posthumously". At the time of his passing, Erik was in the midst of a glorious new album. It includes "Whispers In A Dream", the one song he requested be played at his Memorial. He had completed all the recordings about six months prior to his passing. However, there still remains much work to bring each song to full flower. He was also remastering 19 CDs, bringing each one to an even higher level of beauty and vibration. There is also the potential for another 2 or 3 future CDs from raw rehearsal recordings.

His brother Andrew created the "Erik Berglund Memorial Fund" to fulfill this purpose. Donations may be sent to:

Erik Berglund Memorial Fund
819 W. Second St.
Northfield, MN 
or through your PayPal account via

Thank you all for your Love and Care of our Erik.  

Here is a Memorial Gift for you...2 unreleased songs recorded during rehearsal with Scott Rhodes. 


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Please visit the Memorial Links section for more celebrations of his life.